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Samsung SDS invests in blockchain and security start-ups

Did you ever think about how today's biggest companies managed to survive in the harsh competitive environment? In two ways: either disrupting the market themselves, or investing (and eventually, buying out) disruptive start-ups that are either threatening their business, or opening up new possibilities.

Now, Samsung SDS, an affiliate of the Samsung Group, announced that it is investing in two start-ups, one working on blockchain technology, and the other working on cyber-security.

One is a Korean-based Blocko, while the other is UK-based Darktrace.

“Through these investments, Samsung SDS will be able to retain leading-edge technology in cyber security and blockchain,” the company said in a press release.

“The company plans to collaborate closely with these startups to drive business growth. Samsung SDS will increase competitiveness of its cybersecurity business and services by promoting sales of the differentiated cyber threat defense solution by Darktrace to Korean companies, as well as work with Blocko to support commercialization of emerging blockchain technology in various sectors including IoT.”

UK-based Darktrace is, according to the press release, one of the fastest-growing cyber-security companies in the world. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and respond to threats, and was named ‘Best Security Company of the Year’ 2016, by Info Security.

Blocko offers proprietary blockchain platform to leading enterprises in Korea, a technology expected to be applied everywhere, from fintech to healthcare.

“Samsung SDS will continue to invest in global start-ups in sectors such as AI, analytics, IoT, etc. to secure disruptive technologies and drive future growth through innovation,” the company concluded.

Image Credit: JPstock / Shutterstock