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Tablets best shopping device for 55 and older

Tablets might have a rough time ahead of them, but if you ask UK's consumers, aged 55 and above, they're quite nice to use for shopping.

That's according to a new report by Bronto Software, which says that twice as many people in this age group (22 per cent) use tablets for shopping, compared to their US (11 per cent) and Australian (11 per cent) peers. The UK has more tablets (60 per cent), compared to the US (57 per cent) or Australia (54 per cent), and we use it for shopping more frequently (34 per cent) when shopping, compared to these two countries (25 and 19 per cent, respectively).

What's interesting, though, is that this is the only age group where tablets beat other mobile devices, such as smartphones, or laptops.

“As the UK and US share a lot of history, culture and language, there is a misconception that consumer behaviour across the Atlantic is similar to the UK,” says Saima Alibhai, Practice Manager – Professional Services at Bronto Software.

Men and women are equal when it comes to shopping via smartphone in the UK, where in the US, men are more likely to use these devices than women. More British female shoppers shop on their smartphones, than those in the US, or Australia.

“However, UK retailers looking to engage consumers in the US need to be mindful that device preferences and ownership change as much between countries as between various demographics. Understanding the specifics and adjusting strategies accordingly will ensure that the shopping experience – from browse to buy – is tailored to the audience and drives results.”

The full report, entitled ‘How Consumers Across the Globe Use Multiple Devices to Shop and Buy', can be found on this link.