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A 'Thank you' more important than cash rewards, tech employees say

A kind word seems to be the most important thing for employees nowadays – far more important than compensation. Those are the results of a new study by Appirio, a global services company helping customers create next-generation Worker and Customer Experiences through cloud tech.

The survey, which polled 650 respondents, says that 60 per cent consider employees appreciation most important, while just four per cent were most concerned with knowing how often employees were evaluated for raises.

Workers want a boss who acts as an advocate above aspects including a clear path to promotion, regular performance and feedback receiving, incentive-based bonus earnings, as well as being beloved by senior executives.

“Recruiting tech talent is a problem plaguing the C-suite: 90% of employers say finding the right talent is a primary issue facing the executive team,” said Harry West, Head of Worker Experience Solutions at Appirio.

“Our survey found that appreciation, connectedness, and emotional safety all outrank compensation as important factors in career decision-making. Employee engagement can’t be solved by simply showering workers with raises and bonuses — companies must be dedicated to providing transparency, support, and technologies that keep high-end tech talent happy.”

More than half (55 per cent) of employees value a 'thank you' for a job well done, while just eight per cent would look for financial rewards. Transparent communication is valued more than any 'work language', including recognition, advanced responsibilities, individualised attention, or tokens of appreciation.

The full report, entitled 'The Human Touch for Tech Talent', can be found on this link.

Photo Credit: VIPDesignUSA/Shutterstock