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Data centre industry unlikely winner of the Pokemon Go craze

Basically everyone is rubbing their palms in satisfaction with the Pokemon Go mobile craze – Nintendo's shares are up, gamers everywhere, and gamers of all ages can catch some new digital critters and 'own' places in their towns and cities.

But there is one winner Aegis Data considers unexpected – the data centre industry.

According to the company's latest report, the industry has “finally found the catalyst that will propel gaming into becoming a critical market for data centre operators”.

I’m guessing all of you already know how big the issue of servers is – in the last couple of days, the servers have been offline more time than they’ve been online.

Greg McCulloch, CEO of Aegis Data, believes the game is huge for the data centre industry:

“Traditionally, data centre operators have relied on telco and financial services for critical revenue streams, but as data requirements have grown across different markets so have the opportunities which come with this. For a long-time, streaming and gaming services have very much been one of those markets teetering on becoming a critical business growth opportunity for data centre operators. This is largely driven by demand from consumers wanting compelling, richer, audio-visual content which can be consumed across a variety of mediums such as television, computers, mobile, gaming consoles and tablets.”

“Data centre operators have been more than equipped to handle the demands of the gaming sector for a long time now – historically, limited computing power combined with slow connectivity speeds meant there was always a cap as to what could be achieved. The infrastructure is now in place to support this by providing the highest levels of connectivity, storage and qualities of service these new, immersive gaming experiences require. Arguably, it has been a case of waiting for the right opportunity, or game, to come along, which allows the industry to push on and it looks like we might have that now.”

Image Credit: Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock