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Matthew Hancock is new digital policy minister

Ed Vaizey is no longer minister for digital policy in the UK – he has been replaced by former Cabinet Office minister Mathewt Hancock. Hancock has been appointed by the new Prime Minister Theresa May.

Hancock will, according to various media reports, focus on three things: the digital economy strategy, the digital economy bill and the broadband policy.

The digital economy strategy, which has been drafted and prepared for publishing before Vaizey's departure, has been postponed due to the EU referendum.

The digital economy bill, published earlier this July, is the enabling legislation which supports the digital economy strategy.

Finally, the third and probably toughest assignment will be the broadband policy. Vaizey has frequently been criticised for his support towards BT in its struggle to keep Openreach under its wing. The faster rollout of high-speed broadband, seen as a key enabler of future businesses, has also been requested.

"Vaizey admitted that broadband was one of the most frequent complaints he received from his fellow MPs lobbying on behalf of their constituents,” Computer Weekly reported.

Hancock's position of Cabinet Office minister will be taken by Ben Gunner, who was promoted from parliamentary under-secretary of state for quality at the Department of Health. This is his first Cabinet job, and he will be responsible for the Government Digital Service (GDS) and its own strategy.

Image Credit: Flickr / mrgarethm