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Add security earlier in digital transformation, experts suggest

Security is often being seen as a disabler of the digital transformation, a sort of barrier, which is why businesses are often thinking about it late in the transformation process.

Those are the conclusions of a new and extensive study into security issues surrounding digital transformation, released by Dell.

But by adding security late in the transformation process, it can't really make an impact, it was concluded, saying that it would be much better, for everyone, if security were to be brought into the fold much earlier. Survey respondents actually said that security teams could be the enablers in the process of new technology adoption.

Less than a fifth (18 per cent) said security was involved in all of their digital transformation efforts, while 85 per cent said security could better enable these efforts, if they were included sooner. Many admit they are currently not.

Another interesting takeaway from Dell's report is that many businesses don't even know they're in the middle of a digital transformation.

Just half (50 per cent) of respondents said they believe digital transformation is happening in their organisation, with just a quarter (27 per cent) describing their business as 'in the middle of a digital transformation'.

Still, almost three quarters (72 per cent) expressed active projects in mobile, 68 per cent in cloud and 37 per cent in IoT – "the usual suspects in formal digital transformation projects”, the report says.

“This survey produced some eye-opening results and reinforces what we’ve been hearing directly from our customers. Organisations face challenges securing their digital transformations and recognise that their current security measures are exposing the business to risk,” said John Milburn, vice president and general manager, One Identity Products.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions that address these needs. When done right, security can enable organisations to aggressively adopt new technologies and practices that can have a direct, positive impact on revenue, profits, employee productivity and the customer experience. Done right, security also helps CISOs open their own “Department of Yes,” empowering them to deliver the strategic projects and innovative initiatives that drive businesses forward.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Sergey Dudyrev