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British Gas wants more women in tech

There is still a pretty big gender gap in the IT industry, and British Gas has just launched a new initiative to try and do its part in its closing.

The initiative, called Women in Technology, is a network commited to providing an open community, where female employees can 'promote their leadership, technical and professional skills'.

Highly commendable!

“I would love to see more women working in tech, as it’s a sector full of innovation, fun and creativity,“ said Kathleen Mock, a Data Science Manager at British Gas who is spearheading the network launching today.

“Through British Gas’ Women in Technology network, we hope to change perceptions about the tech world and inspire, support and encourage more women to be part of this exciting industry.”

According to the company's latest research, two thirds of the public think the tech industry offers more opportunities for men. Three quarters (75 per cent) believe men stand better chances at getting leadership roles, too.

Three quarters of the young workforce (25 – 34) believe tech is a male-dominated industry. For a fifth (20 per cent), women are discouraged from pursuing a career in tech. This is mostly due to a lack of role models in the sector. They fear they wouldn't be taken seriously, and they feel it's too hard to reach leadership roles.

If mentoring schemes were set up, and support networks were accessible, more than half of women (55 per cent) said they'd give tech a go.