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BT and Cisco: Video solves the 'digital dislocation' issue

Video, coupled with cloud technology and mobile is solving one of the great problems of today's office life – the so-called 'digital dislocation'.

Digital dislocation happens when employees feel disconnected from the company, due to lack of face-to-face interactions with colleagues. This feeling is most evident with remote workers and freelancers.

However, video is solving the issue, a new study by BT and Cisco suggests.

In the survey, 85 per cent said desktop video would be of great use, while 72 per cent of IT decision makers said they’d like video on their smartphone or tablet.

The number of people using YouTube for work is 27 per cent, nearly double compared to 2013.

“It’s easy for employees to get trapped inside specialist departments and divisions or drop off the map while working out of the office,” said Andrew Small, vice president at Global Services.

“But staying connected has never been so important and is vital to an organisation’s success. Using effective collaboration tools, employees can share information and make faster, better decisions.”

BT and Cisco have used the opportunity to announce an upgrade to the BT One Cloud video technology platform. The enhancements will make scheduling video conferences through Outlook much simpler. The two also said it would be much easier for pretty much any type of video user to join a conference using any device or application, including TelePresence™ and Skype for Business.

Image Credit: LDprod / Shutterstock