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Microsoft Stream brings secure video to businesses

Microsoft has announced a new video service called Microsoft Stream that will enable businesses of all sizes to securely manage and share videos.

From today on, any user with a business email address will be able to sign up for the preview of the new service in seconds. With Microsoft Stream they can then begin to upload, share and tag videos from their organisation. It will also be simple to discover relevant videos since the company will employ machine learning to help users find trending videos and will also give them the ability to search by hashtag, most liked videos or other key search terms.

Channels will play a large role in Microsoft Stream and users will be able to contribute to an existing channel based on team, group, topic, etc. They will also have ability to start their own channel either as an organisation or as a department within an enterprise.

Microsoft is setting its new service apart from YouTube or other video services by focusing heavily on delivering an experience catered to businesses. The company has made secure video management a priority and it will be a straightforward process determining how widely a video is shared within your organisation. Azure Active Directory will be used to manage and protect the sensitive corporate content users upload to their company-wide channels.

Videos will be available from any device and can be viewed anywhere at anytime using Microsoft Stream. It will also be possible to socialise videos by sharing them via email, embedding them into company web pages or by “Liking” your favourites.

Microsoft's Stream is the company's own response to the popularity of Office 365 video which was introduced in late 2014. The new service has built upon the success of the former and eventually the two experiences will converge into one cohesive video platform.

If you or your organisation is interested in a more secure and professional way to deliver video to your employees or costumers, you can sign up for your free trial of Microsoft Stream here.

Image Credit: Radu Bercan / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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