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Cloud is the next big revolution; Microsoft sends out a strong signal to partners

During the Worldwide Partner Conference held on July 11, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote on the company’s digital transformation mission sends a strong signal to all its partners that today’s opportunity is on cloud. It is clear that cloud is the driving factor for digital transformation across industries and businesses.

The advancement made with Office 365 is "huge" and the move to the Cloud is "transformative," with utilisation developing each day, Satya told thousands of people who filled the Air Canada Center at WPC. Also, this Cloud transformation revolves around the transformation of data. We at SAGlobal understood the strategic advancement with Office 365 and the importance of moving to cloud even before the official announcement, and were the first partner to implement the new Dynamics AX in the cloud (Azure) for our own operations. This mainly highlights the fact that SAGlobal is just not a mere spectator but an ultimate example of a global organisation that works on both Office and our ERP on the Cloud.

Immense new opportunity

According to an IDC study, cloud partners with more than 50 per cent of their revenue in the Cloud are growing twice as fast, realising 1.5 times more gross profit and experiencing 1.8 times more recurring revenue than partners with less than 50 per cent of their revenue in the Cloud, Satya said.

"It's not simply constrained to the opportunities we make," he said. "The opportunity each one of you needs to augment the Microsoft graph, the greater part of the resident information that is there to increase the value of every client I think speaks to an immense new opportunity for us."

With the announcement of GE’s Predix coming to the Azure Cloud; Ecolab teaming with Microsoft to facilitate companies operate more sustainably with the Microsoft Cloud; Japan Airlines using Microsoft HoloLens to change the training paradigm for flight crews and mechanics, it was clear, these were great examples of digital transformation and the next step towards embracing digital economy.

Digital transformation era

The key takeaway from the conference is that we need to clearly understand that we all live in an era of digital transformation and need to be well-prepared in order to grab the new business opportunities that will emerge from the digital transformation revolution.

Being finalist in the 2016 Partner of the Year, SAGlobal team was one of the participant listening to that keynote. We understand the impact of Cloud transformation better and how it shapes our product roadmap. Get the most out of your new Azure Cloud environment with Azure Managed Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX from SAGlobal. With Microsoft and SAGlobal as your partners – monitoring, availability, secure connectivity and more can be efficiently managed for you.

SAGlobal being a Gold certified Microsoft Partner, have one of our App listed in the Azure Marketplace which has now migrated to Microsoft AppSource, which is Microsoft’s new destination for business users to find and try out line-of-business SaaS apps from Microsoft and its partners. For More information, visit:

Dhananjayan Jagadeesh, SAGlobal