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Google Cloud Platform puts two new APIs in to open beta

Google Cloud Platform has announced that two of its machine learning APIs will soon be going into open beta.

The first is the new Google Cloud Natural Language API that will allow users to analyse text to uncover its meaning as well as its structure. The API will eventually support a number of different languages but it will begin its open beta with English, Spanish and Japanese.

Google demonstrated how its Natural Language API will work in a blog post, where it broke down text from the New York Times. Large portions of text were analysed using the API, the results were run in a BigQuery table and then Google Data Studio was utilised to visualise the collected data.

The Natural Language API was then used in a demonstration of how digital marketers could use its sentiment analysis to monitor calls made to service centres and online product reviews. Entity recognition is also possible and the API can be used to label entities as people, locations or organisations.

Google also revealed that its Cloud Speech API will also be entering open beta. It employs the same technology used by Google Search and will give users access to speech-to-text conversion in more than 80 languages. Currently over 5,000 companies have already signed up for the Speech API alpha.

Google Cloud Platform will also be opening a west coast region in Oregon that will offer Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google Container Engine at its outset. By opening a new region, app latency could be reduced by 30 per cent to 80 per cent in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure have certainly taken the lead so far but these new additions to Google Cloud Services could help it regain lost ground after falling behind.

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Anthony Spadafora
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