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How many people does it take to make an app?

Have you ever had a brilliant app idea for your business but thought you didn't have the resources or time to make it? How many game changing apps are just lying in the blueprint stage because of this misconception - I’m going to show you how to bring yours to reality!

Why are you making your app?

The number of apps on the market grows every single day so establishing your business plan is key! Consider these questions:

  • Target audience! Gender, age & lifestyle: Are teenagers your target? Company CEOs?
  • How to monetise your app: in app purchases, in app ads, freemium model...
  • What development do you need? Native, multiplatform, web app, hybrid...
  • How to make yourself stand out from the crowd and your competitors? Have you considered a good marketing strategy?
  • How much will it cost?

How do you know whether your project is viable before you start? How do you choose which features are essential from the start and which would be nice to add along the road? How do you know if an MPV fits your budget?

We find the website a very handy tool.

Simple and easy to use, in one minute (10 questions), it gives you a personalised quote for developing your idea! Now you have a budget, how do you find a team to make your idea a reality?

Finding a team

First, you need a project manager. They will listen carefully to your brief, knowing exactly what questions to ask to get exactly what you want from the developers. They look after contracts, deadlines and delivery and most importantly your IP and confidentiality. For any unexpected changes, they are your port of call, keeping you and your ideas safe.

Now, a development team (size of team depends on scale of development). They do the development groundwork and coding according to your specifications and needs

Don't forget a good designer. Design is really important for user experience. Poor usability can kill your app even if your idea is the best in the world! Make sure your designer has a good eye for detail and can embody your aesthetic!

And finally, a marketing expert (no marketing, no success). Many brands fail at the final hurdle by assuming their app will sell itself. This is a serious mistake. Without a carefully considered ASO plan (specific to your platform) you set your project up for failure - make sure your team has sufficient experience in marketing your final product!

If you have extensive marketing connections and are willing to take your chances with uncertified developers, it is possible to source these individually. However, the easiest way of doing this is locating these through a single source, like an online marketplace.

Once you have all these bases covered, you can get back to focusing on building your brand vision, safely assured that the technical and marketing legwork is safely and affordably taken care of to the highest quality.

Rowena Soons, Business development at Yeeply