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'The UK is open for business' - Sage Summit gets impromptu Brexit pep talk

Liam Fox, Conservative MP and new Secretary of State for International Trade, dropped in to Sage Summit today to quash any Brexit concerns by declaring that "the UK is open for business like never before."

It really was quite a rallying cry from the former Defence Secretary, as he spoke about strengthening the UK's "already close trading ties" with the US, proclaiming the benefits of open trade and championing the opportunities resulting from the Brexit referendum result.

"A vote to leave the European Union and a change in government means we now have a global opportunity to make Britain a truly global trading nation," he said. "A nation that businesses around the world want to do business from and with."

"We have a skilled workforce and low levels of industrial disruption, we have a low tax economy with some off the lowest business taxes in Europe and we are one of the least regulated economies, our corporate tax rates are amongst the lowest in the G20 and are set to get even lower, we have an internationally respected research base at some of the best universities in the world. None of the elements that I've outlined are dependent on our membership in the European Union."

The power of open trade was the main talking point, which Fox described as "countries coming together to set conditions so that businesses, skilled people, goods and services can move easily."

"I want the UK and the US together, to lead the world as shining beacons of open trade," he proclaimed, followed by the claim that "a world of open trade will not only generate prosperity, but also peace and stability."

And if all that doesn't inspire you, Fox's rousing finale surely will: "I want to reiterate that we have nothing to fear from forging our own free trade arrangements and breaking out on our own. We can start afresh and use our unique attributes to create a fairer, more prosperous and and more open trading future for the UK and the rest of the world"

"Britain will remain a fantastic place in which to do business. We can be a beacon of open trade, we will seize the world of opportunity out there waiting for us and we are very much open for business."

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Image source: Shutterstock/Sellmepixels