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Digital companies less high-tech than you'd think

Here’s an interesting prospect – the majority of companies that consider themselves ‘high-tech’ have not invested nearly enough to become digital businesses.

That is according to a recently released report by Accenture, global professional services and consulting company. The report, entitled ‘Accelerating Digital Performance in High-Tech’, says that just nine per cent, out of 55 companies surveyed, are ‘Digital High Performers’.

The companies that were surveyed do a wide variety of businesses, from smartphone manufacturing, to telecoms equipment, software, and a ‘range of other high-tech products and services’.

What’s more, almost half (40 per cent) said they haven’t even tried building their digital capabilities, through the use of digital technologies and tools.

A couple of companies were considered ‘Digital High Performers’, such as Apple, Citrix, Huawei, Microsoft and Salesforce. The criteria included a Digital Strategy, Production and Delivery, Customer Experience and Corporate Culture and Operations.

“Our analysis found that although the high-tech industry has long been a catalyst for digital disruption in many industries, its overall Digital Performance score of 2.8 on the four-point scale indicates that the digital journey of many companies is lagging relative to the degree of disruption that is occurring in the industry,” the report says.

“To win in the changing industry landscape, high-tech incumbents need to accelerate the renewal of their core business while investing in building new platforms and “as-a-service” business models.”

The entire research report, with all the fancy colours and vector animations can be found on this link.

Image Credit: Accenture