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Future IT teams will look vastly different

IT teams will look completely different in the next five years, according to professional IT resourcing company Experis.

The company recently released a new report, entitled Tomorrow's Tech Teams, in which it polled 1,000 IT workers and 200 senior IT managers. Six in ten (59 per cent) believe the 'traditional' IT department doesn't exist in modern business.

IT teams of the future will look differently, with regards to contingent workers, skill sets, age and gender balance.

The change is fuelled mostly by the pressure to deliver additional services, such as cloud computing, strategic input for decision-making, or mobile apps. In order to meet such demands, more than two thirds said they’ll rely more heavily on contingent workers, as they can provide more flexibility, fresh perspective and unique skills. In the next two years, people with backgrounds other than tech are also expected to join the team.

“Today’s tech team dynamic is unsustainable. Businesses and their IT teams need to think about building 2020’s optimum team now to support changing demands and achieve digital transformation. It’s encouraging to see a rise in female and millennial workers anticipated, as businesses address the current imbalance and recognise the essential skills they can bring,” said Geoff Smith, Managing Director of Experis.

“IT and HR managers must become more agile and work together to identify the brightest and best candidates, as well as existing team members, that possess wider business skills and a strategic mindset that IT teams need. While contingent workers will become increasingly important to deliver short-term change, IT should also look for people who have the aspiration to sit at the boardroom table, contributing ideas on how IT can support future transformation, bring innovative projects to fruition and enable business growth and competitive edge. But, the right candidates for the job don’t necessarily need a strong tech background.”

Image Credit: Aila Images / Shutterstock