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Seven ways to make a killer e-commerce site

For all the goals and targets, businesses have a common goal - to make money. Purchasing habits are increasingly moving online, therefore making your brand stand out from the crowd is key. Of course, there are many ways businesses can do this with variables including site format, design, features, target markets and more.

The fact is, the site is the shop window to your online store and, like on the high street, it needs to look appealing and be specifically tailored to what you are selling and the audience you are targeting. The structure and character of the online store should always be determined by what products are being sold. This is especially important if you are a small business selling only a limited number of artisan or custom-made goods.

If this is the case, you just need to work harder with less. Regardless of the number or variety of products you are selling, you can build an online store that looks beautiful and sells great, especially if you follow these tips:

Great photography

Promoting your brand with high-quality images is always a priority, but there’s an additional urgency to do so when you work with a limited product-base. High resolution photographs will display your products at their best and significantly improve your overall site design. It needs to be clear and simple so you capture the viewers’ attention. Another important aspect to consider is the images background.

Get the right web design

There are countless options for businesses when setting up their site that vary dramatically from sector to sector and getting the right one for your product or service is vital. ADI is a specific artificial intelligence offer that automatically compiles the best site for you for the sector you are in. Simply answer a few questions, point the machine in the right direction and it will do the rest based on what it learns about you, your business, your style and your existing digital presence.

Think large, design large

Avoid too much “white space” on the site by using large images, large text and headers. When working with big design elements it’s important to avoid too much clutter. Use that space that you have and get roomy. Don’t cramp everything together or you’ll end up in chaos. Wix ADI or Wix templates are a great way to achieve this, and you don’t need to be a web designer to use them.

Devote a page to each product

With only a few products, it is difficult to split a site into various categories. Instead, brands with limited products should create a sub-category for each product and use an entire page to promote it in the best possible way with its own identity that appeals to the target consumer – platforms such as do this automatically.

Details make a difference

Put the emphasis on quality rather than quantity by presenting your product in a meaningful way that communicates all its benefits. This is significant because a store with few products may not seem very serious or professional to some online shoppers. By adding information but also several images per product, showcasing different angles, people will be keen to buy your products, and you will demonstrate that you are trustworthy and serious.

Give life to your product

Make it easy for potential customers to visualise your product as part of their life as a way of showing them why they need it. Add photos of the product being used by real people by making instructional or promotional videos with writing in a friendly tone, and by listing tips and recommendations that maximise your product’s value.

Make it mobile

Make sure you have a mobile web version of your site. Nowadays people browse and buy on the go so you want to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to cash in.

Build a store front

Use your homepage as a store front to display the products that can capture the viewers’ attention. If you only have a few products, include them all. Don’t forget to link your store front to your detailed page and buy option, this way you can easily turn viewers into customers. All you have to do is add a product widget to your page, simple and very effective!

Follow these simple tips and however big or small, you can make your product make it stand out online with

David Schwartz,VP of eCommerce, Bookings and Boost at Wix