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Windows 10 anniversary update is here, but you can't have it (yet)

The Windows 10 anniversary update is available now (yay!), but only to a select few (awww).

According to multiple media reports these days, the Windows 10 Feedback Hub says the patch (build 14393.5) is available, but only to 'Fast Ring' members of the Windows Insider Program.

The patch carries the name KB3176927, it was said.

A number of issues has been fixed apparently, including the serious battery drain while idle issue. Microsoft says the issue lied in a 'runaway CPU process'.

"We also fixed a battery life issue due to the proximity sensor always running on some devices", it says.

Besides the battery drain, the company also said the patch will bring more stability and speed to its Edge browser, with AdBlock and LastPass extensions enabled. Good news for all those using Edge, your extensions 'should continue to work', even after the patch.

Among other issues that were fixed, Microsoft says flaws preventing some Store apps from launching "due to a licensing issue" will no longer appear.

Its patching system has also been tweaked. There have been problems with systems utilising the Connected Standby, which have not been running Windows Update. That should no longer be the case.

'Broken Search boxes in Store apps' have also been fixed, as well as the bug where 'keyboard input on some Windows tablet devices would not rotate to landscape normally'.

Photo credit: Stanislaw Mikulski / Shutterstock