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ITSM maturity in Cloud improves, but far from enough

There has been ‘gradual improvement’ in applying mature management processes to cloud computing in the last year, new report by Fruition Partners UK says. However, majority of UK and US CIOs think cloud is reducing their company’s control over IT.

The report also says that, on average, four service management processes handle cloud-based services – two less than in-house IT services.

“The maturity of cloud services has started to improve, but it is still leagues away from where it needs to be. There has to be a recognition that the need for rigorous management is greater, not less, in the cloud,” said Paul Cash, Managing Partner, Fruition Partners UK.

“Quite simply, CIOs cannot blindly trust that public cloud services will work flawlessly and be delivered perfectly at all times. The more responsibility CIOs hand over to providers, without ensuring that established ITSM principles are applied, the more they open themselves up to blame if one of those services fails. CIOs should still be managing cloud services internally, rather than abdicating responsibility to the provider. Otherwise they risk losing control, and increasing both cost and risk to themselves and the business.”

Even though there has been a 33 per cent reduction in the maturity of IT service management (ITSM), this is, in fact, an improvement over 2015, the report says. Last year, they were subject to an average of three processes.

CIOs say they don’t apply the same ITSM processes to both cloud and in-house IT services, with more than half (56 per cent) saying they don’t manage cloud app support themselves, at all.

For three quarters (73 per cent) cloud sprawl, happening because of procurement without IT’s insight, leads to money wasting. What’s more, 67 per cent of CIOs in the UK said they don’t use existing ITSM tools to orchestrate cloud services and platforms.

Image Credit: 2p2play / Shutterstock