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TalkTalk leads campaign to break up BT

TalkTalk, Sky Broadband and Vodafone have begun a campaign designed to persuade the government and regulators to break up BT.

The campaign is centred around convincing everyone involved that the UK would be much better off if Openreach, which is responsible for installing superfast broadband throughout the country, was independent and no longer controlled by BT.

As its own company, it would be free to make investment decisions that were not influenced by the telecom's wider business interests.

BT recently unveiled its plans to give more independence to Openreach but TalkTalk and the other internet service providers behind the campaign believe that the company did not go far enough. However, TalkTalk is one of the few companies in the UK with a reputation that is even worse than BT's.

TalkTalk's CEO Dido Harding explained the reasoning behind the campaign to separate Openreach from BT, saying: “For too long, UK businesses have been let down by the nation's broadband infrastructure, receiving poor speeds and even poorer service. How is the UK economy supposed to grow and compete with the rest of the world with one hand tied behind its back by failing broadband?”

“Ofcom's proposals simply don't go far enough, and we know many people up and down the country feel the same way. This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity for them to tell the regulator directly they don't want a halfway house for another decade, they want truly radical change now.”

Regulators have recommended that BT's rival should be given more access to Openreach infrastructure so that they will be able to roll out their own networks alongside BT's as an alternative to separating Openreach from the telecom.

The campaign however is currently collecting signatures from consumers for its petition to Ofcom which demands that BT be broken up.

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Anthony Spadafora
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