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Partnership to deliver advanced threat detection for encrypted traffic

Las Vegas, Nev. – August 4, 2016

A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a technology leader in application networking and security, and Cylance, the company that is revolutionizing cyber security through the use of artificial intelligence to proactively prevent advanced persistent threats and malware, today announced a technology partnership integrating Cylance Protect with A10 Networks’ SSLi technology across the A10 ACOS platform and the A10 Harmony architecture. This partnership will expand A10 Networks’ security solution capabilities, enhancing security for end-points and network services by offering an additional layer of protection in the network to catch malware and advanced threats.

The partnership’s significance is marked by customers challenged in securing their networks due to the overwhelming volume of web and mail traffic which is often encrypted — traffic that traditional security methods do not properly address. Newer security technologies such as detonation of executable files are effective for deep analysis but are not optimised for rapid block/allow decisions in network use cases. Additionally, the proliferation of dynamic content and unknown threats has also made traditional signature-based antivirus nearly obsolete and of little value.

The combined A10 Networks and Cylance solution aims to fill the security gap by bringing together the best of secure application network technology with proactive prevention and detection of advanced persistent threats and malware. Cylance Protect is an ideal complement for A10 Networks’ SSLi solution, which offers very high-speed SSL inspection for end-user traffic, protection against malware even when encrypted in SSL/HTTPS and protection for incoming and outgoing email traffic.

“For over a decade A10 Networks has engineered our products to deliver secure, agile application networking technologies,” said Gunter Reiss, vice president, Strategic Alliances, A10 Networks. “Cylance's novel Nextgen AV will augment the innovative A10 Thunder SSLi and converged firewall security solutions to offer increased security for governments, gaming, healthcare providers, financial institutions and other markets facing critical security threats.”

Expected to be available in early 2017, the integrated solution will be available as a subscription service to A10 customers and will offer:

Scalable line rate advanced threat processing

~10-50ms per object

Predictive file analysis using machine learning

Effective vs. known and unknown/zero day threats

No signatures (no updates, no rescans when signatures change)

Triage to existing security stackForce multiplier / optimize load to security stack

High confidence good – no further analysis required

High confidence bad – block and queue for detailed analysis off peak

Suspicious -- prioritize for detailed extraction/detonation analysis

Reduce infrastructure and operational costs

Cylance was recognised as a Visionary in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. A10 Networks, with the recent acquisition of Appcito, was named one of the “Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking, 2015. Cylance is one of the fastest growing companies in the history of cyber security due to their ability to secure every endpoint from advanced persistent threats and malware. For over a decade, A10 Networks has pioneered a new generation of application networking technologies. A10’s solutions enable enterprises, service providers, Web giants and government organisations to accelerate, secure and optimise the performance of their data centre applications and networks.

About A10 Networks
A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) is a leader in application networking and security, providing a range of high-performance application networking solutions that help organisations ensure that their data centre applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure. Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is based in San Jose, CA, and serves customers globally with offices worldwide. For more information, visit: and @A10Networks.

About Cylance® Inc.
Cylance is the only company to offer a preventive cyber security solution that stops advanced threats and malware at the most vulnerable point: the endpoint. Applying a revolutionary artificial intelligence approach, the Cylance endpoint security solution, CylancePROTECT®, analyzes the DNA of code prior to its execution on the endpoint to find and prevent threats others can’t, while using a fraction of the system resources associated with endpoint antivirus and detect and respond solutions that are deployed in enterprises today. For more information visit: