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Three quarters of businesses suffer four disruptions a month

Internet performance management (IPM) company Dyn says businesses are still under a lot of disruptions, which severely hurts their internet performance, resulting in unsatisfied customers.

The company polled 100 IT senior IT leaders from enterprises across the United States, and released the results in a report entitled “Constant Website Disruptions Demand a New Kind of Performance Management”.

More than three quarters (78 per cent) reported suffering at least four disruptions each month, and pretty much all of them (99 per cent) said their websites were either ‘stagnant’, or ‘slower’ last year.

Yet, those companies that use internet performance management, are “2.3 times more likely to have faster website performance”.

“Poor performance is a serious problem for organisations and has a large impact on their ability to conduct business,” said Jim Rapoza, Senior Research Analyst & Editorial Director, Information Technology at Aberdeen.

“Our report found that some organisations are losing more than six figures in revenue each month due to poor and unreliable website performance. The current level of underperformance of websites is clearly unsustainable and is leading enterprises and other large organisations to seek solutions to quickly resolve these issues.”

These constant disruptions are resulting in lower levels of satisfaction, forcing companies to find new strategies.

More than 70 per cent are teaming up with their providers to improve their performance, boost servers and optimise their code. More than half (60 per cent) work with Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to reach that goal, and a third (36 per cent) use advanced DNS steering techniques.

Image source: Shutterstock/Benoit Daoust