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UK workers want a six-hour workday

Some 11 million workers in the UK would very much like to see a 6-hour workday, according to a new report by remote working solutions company, TeamViewer.

TeamViewer’s latest report on the issue says workers believe a 6-hour workday would improve their work/life balance, and reduce their stress levels. Productivity is also expected to increase.

The work/life balance thing is really important – for 79 per cent, it’s more important than salary. Even more (82 per cent) believe employees should be offered work flexibility, without them having to sacrifice their career for it.

Almost three quarters (72 per cent) agree flexibility makes them more effective, and 68 per cent said the regular nine-to-five makes them stressed.

“For the first time workers are demanding how, where and when they want to work and interest in a six-hour working day is just another example of this. Employees now have the technology to work flexibly but many businesses are still falling behind when it comes to meeting the needs of the modern workforce,” commented Andreas Koenig, CEO of TeamViewer.

“If companies want to continue to motivate their teams and attract the top talent and fully support today’s workforce, organisations need to realise that they can no longer enforce policies that restrict remote and flexible working. Instead they need to provide technologies and an environment which is beneficial for the employees and the company.”

The TeamViewer report, ‘The End of Nine-to-Five’ is available for free download now on this link.

Image source: Shutterstock/Chinnapong