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The Customer Experience: a point to consider

Technology is evolving, techniques of marketing are changing and the customer will always be the centre of attention in every business. The difference in the past few years is related to how the business and the customer interact with each other. In the past, most of the interactions took place face to face. Those which were not were confined to letters that were sent via the postal service.

Today, a lot of the communication takes place electronically. Emails and text messages are just two forms of communication. Social networking sites, online referrals, review sites, blogs, etc. form a large part of the communication channel. This means that maintaining a relationship with the customer has become even more difficult, and important. The change in the way that businesses handle their customer interactions leads us to another increasingly important point that we need to consider. That is none other than the customer relationship. The customer relationship is directly related to the customer’s experience.

Maintaining a good customer experience can get even more tricky because 70 per cent of Ireland’s population owns a mobile phone (according to eir business). This means that most customers are using social media to communicate with the businesses of their choice. Communications on social networking sites can make or break your business so it is really important to keep your customer happy and to be aware of what is transpiring on the internet.

Customer Reviews

Good customer reviews can act as an advertorial of sorts. People talk, and the more people say good things about your business, the more likely people are to become your clients. Bad reviews and complaints can spread like wildfire. These need to be managed as soon as they get out into the open.

Sometimes dealing with bad feedback itself can get you an increase in your customer flow. This is because people like to frequent businesses that make them feel valued. By responding promptly, you tell them that their business is important to you and you are committed to ensuring that they have a good experience.

Transactions and Apps

A lot of our transactions are now online. With the use of the mobile, the internet is at our fingertips and you will find that more and more people are using it to propagate their business. A variety of different kinds of Apps helps you bring your services so much closer to your clients. This is in fact, a good thing but like all good things, it needs to be handled with care.

Ensuring that your company App works well is another important point that you should consider. Apps that work well encourage customers to use them and thus generate more revenue for the company. Ensure that your company App is simple and easy to use. Complicated Apps dissuade users and you could lose both loyal as well as potential clients in the bargain!

The customer experience should always be your focal point. Keep it as a guiding light whenever you plan to incorporate anything new. In fact, it is a point that you need to keep in mind every time you do anything that is remotely related to your business. Make it a part of your company policy and encourage your employees to work towards a similar goal.

A loyal customer is difficult to find. That is why a good customer experience is paramount to the success of a good business. Keep your customers happy and they will keep coming back. That, in turn, is going to make you extremely happy.