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Tech market undisturbed by Brexit results

The Brexit vote is yet to make a more significant impact in the UK's tech job market, according to a new Dice report. The career site for the tech community surveyed 1,200 UK tech professionals and recruiters, and found that people are generally not making any dramatic movements because of Brexit.

It says that just above a fifth (22 per cent) changed their career plans since Brexit. While more than half thought a positive vote on the referendum would have a negative impact on the UK's tech job market, 44 per cent said they're now looking for a new job in the EU.

Out of those looking for new work, a quarter (27 per cent) said Brexit 'accelerated' their plans.

Looking at the most popular cities, Dublin grabbed the number one spot (54 per cent), followed by Berlin (49 per cent) and Amsterdam (47 per cent).

"It is clear that both tech pros and employers have real concerns about the future of ‘Brexit Britain’ but equally realise the danger of making rash decisions just a month out from the referendum,” says Jamie Bowler, Marketing Director of Dice Europe.

“Some candidates will be looking into potential careers in Europe, but I think all parties agree we want to safeguard London and the UK’s position as a major hub of investment and innovation within tech. We are confident that whatever the coming weeks and months hold, the UK will continue to be perceived as a market where the best of the global tech community can come to work, live and build businesses.”

While a third of tech workers believe technical skills will be most in-demand, a quarter (27 per cent) believes the UK could be even more competitive after it leaves the EU, as it will tap into a wider market.

Image source: Shutterstock/Sashkin