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Steps To Recover Corrupt BKF Files In Windows OS

This article will show you how to make backups in Windows OS as well as how your backup files get corrupt, how to prevent this happening, and what is the best solution for recovering corrupt BKF files in Windows OS.


Making backups of important files with the help of Windows built-in ntbackup.exe software is the best method as it creates backups which we can easily access whenever needed. But some situations occur where we cannot access those files. Many users get stuck in these situations and don't know how to get out of them. Some people don't even know how to make backups in other versions of Windows operating System. Let's learn how we can backup our important files.

How to Make Backups in Windows OS

In Windows XP Microsoft provided a built-in feature to create backups. The software is known as Ntbackup.exe which creates backups of files with the .bkf extension. These files are known as BKF Files. In the latest version of Windows OS we don't have such a built-in feature so we have to download and run ntback.exe catalogue file to create a backup. This software is similar to the older ntbackup utility. Now let's find out how our bkf files get corrupted and what we should do to avoid such situations.

How BKF Files Get Corrupt

There are many things which cause corruption in bkf files, such as virus attack, hardware/software corruption, abnormal system shut-down, human misguidance and more. When we move from one version of Windows OS to another version then also we sometimes find that our files are corrupted. We should not panic in such situations as there is a workable solution for recovering corrupt bkf files in windows OS. But first, let's learn how to protect our files from corruption in the first place.

How to Protect BKF Files from corruption

1) Always shut down your system properly and remember to close every tab before shutting down.
2) Keep all software updated and try to uninstall expired versions of programs.
3) Always use malware protection in your system.
4) Follow every step while upgrading to another version of Windows OS.

Solution to Recover Corrupt BKF Files in Windows OS

There is no manual solution to recover corrupt bkf files. Once your bkf files are corrupted then you can’t recover them without the help of third-party software. There are many third-party solutions available online but one of the best among them is BKF Recovery which is the most prominent and easiest software to recover corrupt bkf files in windows OS. BKF Recovery provides many features to users which make it more flexible and easy to use as compared to others. With the help of BKF Recovery you can easily open bkf files in Win 10.

Steps To Recover Corrupt BKF Files in Windows OS – BKF Recovery Software

1. Download BKF Recovery and run it.
2. Select the bkf file which you want to recover.
3. The program provides you with 3 types of scanning option such as QUICK Mode which is mostly used for less corrupt bkf files, DEEP Mode which is used for highly corrupt bkf files and RANGE BASED Mode which allows you to select a particular range of the bkf file and recover only that specific range. So Select any mode to scan your bkf file.
4. Once your file is scanned PREVIEW your repaired files.
5. SEARCH for any particular file from the list of the repaired files with the help of the Search option.
6. SELECT all those files which you want to extract on your system.
7. BROWSE for the location where you want to keep your bkf files.
8. Extraction is complete.

Try a FREE Demo Version

BKF Recovery provides a FREE Demo version so that users can have a complete understanding of the program before moving towards the full licensed version. The Demo version has one limitation that is you cannot extract your repaired files but the FULL Licensed Version has NO Limitations and provides access to every feature.

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