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BT, Openreach split gains support from former business minister

Debate around the future of BT's Openreach is continuing to intensify, as former business minister Anna Soubry has joined the growing list of those calling for a split.

Back in February, Ofcom released a report telling BT to open up the Openreach network in order to “better serve UK consumers and businesses." More recently, MPs have called for BT to increase investment in the Openreach platform and now, a split is looking more and more likely.

Speaking to the BBC today, Soubry came out in favour of a separation, saying: "I'm sorry, but they have not delivered… Radical action needs to be taken so that we have superfast broadband across the UK. It's outrageous in this day and age that people do not have access to superfast broadband."

She also questioned BT's claim about the number of households with access to superfast broadband. According to BT, the figure stands at 91 per cent, but Soubry isn't convinced, saying: "I seem to meet every member of the 10 per cent."

Openreach's managing director of infrastructure Kim Mears responded to the comments, saying: "We've got a network across the UK that's capable of giving those speeds. We've got some great technology, some great ideas, we're leaning forward to work with government about how do we provide and work towards that final 5 per cent."

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