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Three posts H1 2016 results, no one is happy

Telecommunications operator Three has posted its results for the first half of this year, and they’re not exactly shining. According to a report by The Register, the company’s revenue in H1 2016 fell two per cent, to £1.052bn. Average revenue per user is also down, three per cent. It now sits at £19.50 a month.

Among the reasons why the company posted poorer results is the fact that it had increased the number of countries its users can go to without paying roaming charger – from 24 to 42, including Germany, Poland and Greece.

Last year, the European Union said all roaming charges need to be abolished by mid-2017, but now that the UK has voted out of the EU, it won’t have to comply. According to The Register, this could save telecommunication operators £750 million every year.

Three is best at mobile data, handling 42 per cent of it in the UK, according to the company. Three’s CEO Dave Dyson plans to make the company a market leader in that respect.

Earlier, Three wanted to merge with Telefonica’s O2, but the deal was vetoed by the EU competition regulator. The deal, reportedly worth £10.25bn, has since been stopped, and Three’s owner, CK Hutchinson, lodged a legal challenge against the EU Commission.

Image Credit: mubus7 / Shutterstock