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3D software gets proper remote collaboration solution

There's a cool new software which allows multiple people, on multiple locations, to collaborate while working on 3D software. The program, called High Performance Virtual Computer (HPVC), was built by ebb3, in partnership with NEC, Cisco, NVIDIA, NetApp, APC, Microsoft and Citrix.

3D graphical software, such as AutodeskR AutoCadR, were usually confined to a single workstation, and to a single user. HPVC aims to change all that, as it allows people to collaborate from different machines. The only thing they need is an internet connection.

“Before now, those using 3D graphical software like AutodeskR AutoCadR were confined to a workstation in a fixed location,” says Andy Bowker, ebb3’s executive founder.

“We designed the HPVC to push new boundaries, making it possible to deliver 3D graphics to 4K screens, and to give access to 3D graphical applications smoothly and seamlessly, wherever there’s an internet connection.”

The company said HPVC can save businesses an average of 40 per cent in maintenance costs, as it reduces power consumption and time pressure to update software, and allows up to 50 people to work on a single file, at the same time, from any location.

The HPVC was developed by Andy Bowker with co-founders Ben Jones, Mark Vickers, Simon Cottrell, Paul Williams and Chris Brassington.

“With the HPVC, product designers can show prospective clients 3D wireframe models on an iPad instead of a printout, or collaborate on a project while one partner is in London and one is at a conference overseas, without lag or performance issues,” said co-founder Bowker.

“This is a game changer for the industry.”

Image source: Shutterstock/DRogatnev