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How to recover deleted Yahoo emails

In this growing technological world everyone has an account on Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail, and many more which we access on a daily basis for personal or professional reasons.

But occasionally our important emails get deleted by mistake and this can cause serious problems. So let's find out how we can recover Yahoo emails.

It is very simple to send and receive emails on Yahoo, but it is equally easy to delete your emails. There are two solutions with which you can recover these emails.

  1. We can recover our deleted emails from the “Trash” folder by simply selecting the emails which we want to recover and “Move” them to the desired folder. If you don’t find the emails you want in the Trash folder then you will have to contact the Yahoo support team which will help you to recover your files. This solution doesn't provide 100 per cent recovery which is a problem. But we can still recover our files through another solution which provides 100 per cent recovery of emails so let's find out the best and alternative solution.
  2. We can use Yahoo Backup Software which helps to recover our files easily within a few steps. This software has the best features which can easily recover all files. It also provides the option to backup your emails so that if you face any issues you can easily recover your emails and get them back.

Why Yahoo Backup Software?

Yahoo Backup software is the best software in data recovery and backup field as you can easily create backup of your files and even recover them when needed. This software provides many features which makes it more trusted as well as reliable to use. Some of it’s best features are as follows:

  • Allows you to backup all your emails according to folders
  • Can easily recover your emails through this software
  • Can easily preview emails while offline
  • Even deleted emails will be stored
  • Allows you the option to extract recovered emails at your desired location.

How to access Yahoo Backup Software

This software is very simple to use and even those without any technical knowledge can access it. You have to log-in your Yahoo account in this utility and then you can easily recover your files. You can recover the files present in in-box, trash, spam, sent, bulk-mail and draft folders. Try the demo version of this software and recover up-to 100 mails for free. Once you are satisfied with the software you can also purchase it. It is compatible with every version of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and all earlier versions.

You don’t know when you will land up in a tricky situation which can cause data loss so always try to keep a backup of your important mails so that if you loose them by chance you can easily recover them. In this scenario, Yahoo backup software will help you to create backup.