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Flash 'synonymous' with UK enterprises, NetApp says

According to data management company NetApp, Flash is ‘synonymous’ with the UK enterprise. That’s because, according to its research, Flash supports 57 per cent of businesses.

What’s more, just below 20 per cent have said there’s nothing stopping them from adopting Flash technologies.

Among both large and small enterprises, more than half have already adopted the technology, while medium-sized businesses are considered ‘the strongest advocates’ with an almost two third adoption (61 per cent). Among smaller businesses, 20 per cent plan on adopting this technology within the next 12 months.

Laurence James, NEMEA Products, Alliances and Solutions Manager at NetApp says, “The perceived barriers to Flash adoption are falling down as small and medium sized businesses are realising the benefits of high performance and consistency across their enterprise applications.

“Our research shows that IT decision makers understand the business value of Flash. At NetApp we are committed to enabling UK businesses with Flash solutions, providing a foundation for them to realise their full potential.”

But it’s not just empty talk – businesses really need this technology. More than half of businesses in the UK (53 per cent) said they needed Flash to support high-performance storage.

For 48 per cent, it supports their ability to store data without power and without data loss. For 40 per cent, it’s needed to support high speed storage on multiple devices.

Usually, businesses use it to support payment processing, business intelligence applications, email marketing systems and HR management.

Image source: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens