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Digital transformation early adopters to become 'predators'

Businesses that manage to complete their digital transformations sooner will become 'digital predators', while those that lag behind will be 'digital prey', according to a new report by Alfresco Software and Forrester Consulting.

The report says there is a 'sharp divide' between what businesses want, and what they can achieve in terms of digital transformation. Many want to speed up that process, but not many do.

More than two thirds (68 per cent) of respondents said they plan on going digital, but only a 'small fraction' have fully digitised their content-centric business.

The report, entitled “Break Down Content and Information Silos to Accelerate the Flow of Work”, says that while 70 per cent of organisations consider digital transformation “high or critical priority”, just 14 per cent has its collective content virtually all-digital today.

“As IT leaders build upon their organisations’ digital business capabilities in the age of the customer, they must recognise the pivotal role that employees play in delivering superior customer experiences, and, in turn, the role that employee-focused technologies play in creating more productive, agile enterprises,” the study noted.

“Bolt-on digital initiatives and legacy technologies perpetuate application silos that create barriers for efficiently completing work tasks. IT leaders will seek technologies that eliminate these silos in order to deliver the right information within the right application environment at the right time.”

In order to survive, organisations need to give their employees more digital resources, in order to be able to best serve their customers.

Image source: Shutterstock/Sergey Dudyrev