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Half of UK's firms ill-equpped to tackle malicious insiders

Every other IT security manager in the UK will tell you their company is not properly equipped to tackle malicious insiders. These are the results of a new poll released recently by email and data security company Mimecast Limited.

It had asked 200 IT security managers in the UK about tackling malicious insiders, and the results show a worrying trend – 89 per cent consider malicious insiders a threat to their organisations’ security.

More than four fifths (85 per cent) have said their email systems can’t properly handle cyber-threats, while almost half (45 per cent) consider malicious insiders either a ‘moderate’ or a ‘high’ threat.

For 17 per cent, malicious insiders are the number one threat.

“Organisations of all sizes struggle with the risks that are posed by employees being targeted by adversaries to launch and execute attacks to gain access to data or funds” said Peter Bauer, CEO, Mimecast.

“Every day, we trust employees with sensitive information and powerful tools, but we don’t give them the effective security education and advanced cloud security solutions that goes hand-in-hand with those responsibilities. As a community we must work together to enact better business processes. This is in part why we launched the Cyber Resilience Coalition, bringing together leading security, data protection and business continuity vendors to help strengthen organisations’ total cyber resilience strategy.”

Mimecast says there are a couple of things organisations can do to keep themselves safe:

  • Role-based permissions for admins, to better control access
  • Internal safeguards and data exfiltration controls
  • Employee security training programs
  • Improving internal communications

Photo Credit: Jirsak/Shutterstock