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4.5bn files were compromised in H1 2018

(Image credit: Image Credit: Balefire / Shutterstock)

At the time when businesses were busy preparing for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (the first half of 2018), hackers were busy compromising data.

New data from Gemalto found that  4.5 billion records were compromised during this time period.

The US was hit hardest, with 3.25 billion of breached data entries recorded in the country, and a rise of 356 per cent in the last months, and 98 per cent over the same period in 2017.

Looking at Europe, the UK is the highest country with 22 data incidents in H1 2018. This represents a decrease of more than a half (51.1 per cent) compared to the first half of 2017, and a decrease of 38.9 per cent compared to H2 2017.

A total of 39,375 data records were compromised during that time, with the government accounting for 27 per cent of all breaches, followed by education (18 per cent) and healthcare (18 per cent).

“While the UK may appear to have its house in order, only two breaches reported happened after public disclosure became mandatory under GDPR,” commented Jason Hart, CTO, Data Protection at Gemalto.

“This means the true picture is as yet unknown, and we could soon see a wake-up call similar to the one Australia is experiencing with its legislation in full effect. Only once this happens will we be able to understand whether GDPR is having its intended effect and if business leaders are making cybersecurity a priority”. 

Image Credit: Balefire / Shutterstock