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6 Critical things you should be doing on your company's careers website

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Most of your marketing efforts lead to one thing: your company’s website. That’s the place where your potential employees will first get in touch with your brand’s name. If you want to recruit talented workers, you’d better start developing a brand which is really worth considering.   

Now. If you can manage to develop an amazing careers page on your company’s website, you’re likely to draw the attention of many. It’s a numbers game. The more you display your brand and job opportunities that come with it the bigger your recruitment list will be.   

In today’s post, we’re giving you several great insights and strategies that’ll help you develop a high converting careers page, which will obviously lead to the discovery of new talents for your company. Let’s get started right away! 

Display Your Brand’s Identity and Mission 

Your website should not be just an illustration of your recruitment process. In fact, your website’s role, and especially your career’s page role, is to introduce a potential employee to your brand’s identity and mission. The more personality you can involve in your brand’s presentation the more successful it will be.

Spotify nailed it with their careers page. As you can notice, it gets personal, funny, interesting, and worth remarketing. It’s also simple and concise, as any careers page should be. Make sure that your careers page features your brand’s colors and perspective. 

If you want to, you can include your brand’s mission and statement. If you hope to change the world, let every potential employee that they’ll get a chance to contribute to that. 

Present Your Company’s Unique Value Proposition 

Why’s your company better than all the rest? Can you provide an answer to that? You know…what we’re talking about here is your “unique value proposition”, or UVP. Every brand out there must differentiate itself from the rest, and especially from the competition. How? By providing value that is unique to the marketplace. 

Use Video 

Video content is super popular right now. As you’ve probably heard, an image speaks a thousand words. Now. The impact which a video makes is incredible, as there are hundreds of images within. Put yourself and your team of employees in front of the camera and present a professional yet diverse workforce that is eager to grow. 

For example, you can create several videos which present different ideas and perspectives that might be important to the employee. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • How does it feel like working for our company? 
  • Why is our mission important? 
  • Why are we better than our competition? 
  • Why should you work for us? 

Present the Opportunities for Career Growth 

Most of the today’s professionals are eager to advance in their careers. The majority of the workforce is represented by millennials and Z generation employees. I’m talking about young individuals who have a deep desire for growth. Therefore, your company must not only help them financially but also professionally. 

Throughout your careers page, present different ideas and promises for growth opportunities. When there’s a career ladder, a powerful recommendation potential, or the job at hand is full of unknown growth opportunities, drawing talented workforce should be very attainable! 

Leverage Social Media! 

Social media plays a huge role in today’s job marketplace dance. Every big brand and organization is now on social media, trying to bring as much brand awareness as possible. Moreover, social media channels should help you with more than just your brand’s expansion. You can leverage the paid advertising features and you’ll get amazing targeting options that you can continuously test and tweak. With the help of these tools, you shall reach the news feeds of many potential employees. Lead them back to your careers page and show them what you got.   

Here’s the thing: the content you advertise, the tone of voice you use, the colors you use, the vibes you send…they should all be consistent throughout your recruitment process. That’s a key aspect of developing a successful brand image. The better your branding process is the more attention your company will receive from potential talented employees. 

Consider Adding a Live Chat Feature 

Live support is something that adds much professionalism to any sort of organization. There could be many job applicants and potential employees who will have questions before actually applying. Encourage these questions on your career’s page and let everyone know that you value transparency. There are plenty of live chat plugins and software out there, and they’re so easy to implement. What you’ll lose is more time to answer questions, or you’ll invest some of your business budget on hiring a virtual assistant who can take care of the job. 

A Few More Tips… 

Optimize for mobile: A career page which lacks mobile optimization is going to damage the company’s reputation and performance, as most of the today’s professionals are using mobile devices to connect, communicate, hold transactions, apply to jobs, and so on. 

Establish the expectations: Your career’s page needs to clearly suggest the expectations of the company. Great companies are usually emphasizing that their job is more like a lifestyle. A lifestyle which includes great colleagues, challenging work, innovation, and much more. 

Be genuine all the time: Never lie. That’s the worst thing that a company can come close to. Displaying false information on your website puts your company in a lot of danger, as you can get reported and cut into pieces by your brand’s supporters and not only. 


What you need to do now is simple. You need to take action, and you need to do it quick. The more you read articles on the web the more you’ll get lost in a big amount of details, up to the point where it gets overwhelming. Take our strategies and tips one by one, assess them, plan them, and put them into implementation. Your company needs that kind of proactivity, so you’d better get started! 

Micheal Gilmore, Entrepreneur and Professional Resumes Writer at ResumesPlanet 

Image Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock

Micheal Gilmore
Micheal Gilmore is an entrepreneur and professional resumes writer at