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AI software testing – Myth or reality?

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Software testing is recognised to be a technique to remove the flaws and errors from a product, before its launch in the market. The software testing processes and techniques have witnessed tremendous changes in the past few years.

After being motivated by the manufacturing process, software testing now opts for the waterfall approach for testing the quality that involves the step by step checks as well as case tests as the products reach the user acceptance stage.

Owing to this, the work has become much more challenging for the manual testers as an ample amount of data that needs to be processed for running the test cases are way much.

Owing to the emergence of DevOps and Agile methodology, the software testing company is now adopting the testing as well the checking procedure at the initial stage of the process.

Thus, a plethora of considerable changes have been introduced in software testing processes to make the process of testing of applications free of hassles. Here is a list of the specific software testing trends which will be transforming the future prediction:

Shifting to quality engineering from quality assurance

The world is changing every now and then. New technology surfacing is becoming a more common thing in the market. QA or Quality Assurance is known to follow a systematic waterfall approach for testing. It is recognised to be a step by step process.

Though it is thorough, it tends to get lengthy from time to time. Hence, Quality Assurance is struggling a lot for keeping up with the changing dynamics of the testing field.

Quality assurance is known to perform as the bottleneck at times for completing the flow of different process. Since it adopts a step by step test, it is a prerequisite that the previous processed should be accomplished before the starting of the next process.

However, with quality assurance, the total amount of data as well as the processed starts to pile up easily. On the other hand, Quality assurance plays a vital role in introducing the testing as well as the automation process at the earliest, instead of the acceptance phase of the customer.

Internet of things

Internet of Things or IoT has become the latest and fastest growing technology at present. IoT has proved to be a major challenge for the test automation. A complete web of different things is known to be inter-connected with one another via the internet.

Delicate software plays a vital role in controlling the hardware which is known to connect them to the web and from this point, it gets connected to different things. Though it appears to be great, a plethora of vulnerabilities might exist in the system.

Hence, the products which are inter connected needs to be tested for quality, functionality as well as security. More than seventy per cent of the systems which are connected to Internet of Things have high vulnerability towards different issues, related to security.

Role of agile in digital transformation

Agile methodology is being used on a wide scale for the past seventeen years. This method promotes the work with the collaboration of different small teams.

As you continue to do so, you will gain success in taking a small amount of processed and making a consistent and faster delivery. Modern practices which are based on Agile Manifesto can be useful with the aid of User Experience work such as execution, planning and evaluation.

Time for testing of Big Data

At present, we are living in the golden age of technology in which the end users and clients upload the terra bytes of data on different platforms. In order to manage this huge volume of data, it is crucial for the businesses to test the larger amount of data. The ultimate objective is testing the data for finding the quality. Big data boasts of a large amount of datasets which cannot be processed by the regular computing processes.


DevOps is regarded as a team which is used for a certain set of principles and rules for bringing a reduction in the total amount of time, required for development and operations. DevOps is not any new concept in the business.

However, its emergence in the latest technical field has become widely popular lately. In the last five years, it has earned an immense support from the business firm. In the upcoming years, more business firms will adapt these principles for bringing an improvement in the performances as it gives more emphasise on Integration and Automation.

Micro service and API test automation

Microservice is regarded as a process to develop the software for testing specifically to different conditions. It is possible to generate the kinds of services. With the establishment of a certain connection between them, you can divide the whole task into different parts.

 Here, every service is developed in such a manner that it will be capable of performing a certain set of processes. This provides you the opportunities for introducing change in the smaller certain area of the application which needs changes in place of bringing a change in the whole system.

A higher market share for the test automation and mobile users

Mobile phones have turned out an indispensable part of the life of a person. At present, apps are available for almost everything, including the OS platforms, the total count of devices, and the software which runs on one single map.

Testing the mobile apps is regarded as a way more complicated task, as compared to testing the websites as well the total number of updates and the kind of devices. As the software updates are released almost every day, it is really challenging to keep up with them. Thus, testing of the mobile apps is considered to be crucial.

Open source tools are considered to be beneficial for the business. They have a wide array of benefits and you can use them at absolutely free of cost. They are more flexible and can be customised easily.

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