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Big data science and analytics is the big lure in business schools

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Billions of data bytes are generated from systems in both structure and unstructured format. A big data analysis solution is therefore needed to stream such huge insights and completely analyse them to accelerate the strategy flow to stimulate business growth as well as overall efficiency.

Services in big data not only includes collecting, connecting and attuning data in format. It’s also about generating accurate and intelligence business reports. Big data companies Australia empowers enterprises to have more operational efficiency as well as minimises big data security concerns.

The Hadoop job market in Australia is so huge. Software development companies offer services that harness the power of big data to its full potential. Organisations could revamp their strategies, which allow them to drive up revenue. Also, big data developers have proficiency in providing BI or Business Intelligence services, such as accurate generation of report and fast insight on dashboard, together with database tuning, data mining and predictive analytics.

Big data, the big draw in business schools

Today, big data and analytics is the big attraction or draw in business schools. In connection with this, big data analytics companies in Australia are providing more opportunities for young graduates to join in the field and become data science experts. The student demand for degrees in the subject soar as employers look for skilled analysts.

Degree courses that specialise in data science are booming, driven by the excitement on the potential of data analysis in business and the fear of being left behind. In the United States, where applications for a traditional two-year MBA course have started to decline for several years now. A Master’s degree in data analytics are a growth market. Seventy-four per cent of big data courses in the United States reported a rise in the demand last  year, compared to 32 per cent of two-year, full-time MBA programs.

The demand for courses in big data and analytics is driven by a rise in lucrative job opportunities advertised for those with the qualifications. General Assembly that provides many skills development in the filed often highlights on its emails the shortage of skilled data scientists in London. A 2015 data shows that the average pay across 48,347 data scientists’ roles and advanced analysts advertised in the United States was $94, 576. Over a third of the job postings require at least a Masters qualification.

Some of the best big data courses available

In organisations across industries, data gathering and analysis has become a top priority and big data professionals are in huge demand. Check out the best Big Data courses available today.

  • Simplilearn. A Big data catalogue known for their big number of courses, in subjects as varied as SAS, Hadoop, Apache Spark and R. The Flexi-pass offers a unique way of learning everything in one place, with learners paying one time to access unlimited number of instructor-led session for ninety days. The courses offer one of the most extensive training schemes for any provider. Furthermore, the course prices are affordable.
  • Big Data University. With an IBM backing, the Big Data University offers courses at beginner and intermediate level. Their e-learning content and videos could be consumed at the desired pace of the learner as well as the difficulty level. The great thing about the Big Data Courses is that they are free. Also, learners could take the BDU assessment exams as many times as they like.
  • Cloudera. It’s probably the most familiar name in the Big Data training field. The CCP and Hadoop Developer certification is recognised all over the world and conducted in virtual as well as physical classrooms. The data science courses are used for training employee by a lot of Fortune 500 companies and with a great reputation within the industry.
  • Hortonworks. It’s another popular name in big data. Since there’s no official Big Data certification body, the certifications possess good credibility within the industry, behind of Cloudera only. The courses offer self-paced learning as well as classroom training. The classroom sessions are held all over the world, in partnership with training institutes.
  • Coursera. Offered in partnership with the University of California, San Diego. The online training is as good as what one could find on colleges and universities. Every course starts with the basics and learners could take them one at a time or do Big Data Specialisation. The course is relatively affordable and perfect for beginners in the Big Data filed. Furthermore, it offers a Capstone project that’s aligned with industrial apps of big data.

Big opportunities

Opportunity abounds for those who could extract value from big data and analytics. Overwhelming, complex sets of data could offer predicative insights. Data has become unto itself a currency. These days, that companies have one’s information, they need people to harness and transform the data to something tangible. Academia has been particularly a fertile petri dish for organisations to develop solutions to comprehend the vast quantities of data. In the last decade, a lot of top business schools in America have sought to integrate big data techniques into their curricula, either via MBA specialisations or as standalone degrees. 

There’s plenty of buzz around big data and it’s growing on a daily basis. In today’s digital age, the worldwide information storage capacity has become huge, with high amount of information created every single day.

The big data job market is really big. There are several data consultant jobs on offer all throughout the world. Knowledge and expertise in big data and analytics means more job opportunities and higher income potential. The market is vast, with an array of deals, projects, partnerships and services. Services could differ, depending on the specific requirements of an organisation and on its need to harness the power of big data solutions and analytics that streamline and simplify processes.

The Big Data scope in Australia is truly huge. As the demand for big data analysis continue growing, organisations feel the need to hire data experts who could harness the power of big data and to make the most of all the information available to further their businesses and of course to be always on the competitive edge.

Rakesh Patel, senior business analyst, eTatvaSoft
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens

Rakesh Patel
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