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Business leadership, thought process & automation

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With the advanced technological business automation solutions pervading the market, business functioning, across the globe, has witnesses a drastic change. And, so has changed the business leadership and their thought processes. Having digitised the workplace, automation has aided to the efficiency, smartness and effectiveness of the business leaders. 

In the age of automation, not only the company workforce but even the business leaders have adapted to the changing technology and functioning of businesses. It has completely transformed the way business leaders now think and act. 

Besides other factors, automation, for business leaders, is mainly about training the company workforce to meet the various demands of the newly created jobs. It has made their roles even more challenging, because the new environment demands their presence more vigorously. 

With the processes automated, business leaders can get more time to interact with the company workforce and also to guide and train them with new skills. On the other hand, automation also save much of their time, which enables them to better focus on effective decision making and achieving the company goals with optimum efficiency. 

Few years back when automation was not much incorporated into the business system, or say, when experiments to develop efficient automation solutions were being done, leaders worked differently. But now when the business processes can be automated, it is being marked as a paradigm shift in the thought process of the business leaders. 

With automated system, leaders now don’t have to manually monitor the tasks or the performance of every individual. Sitting right at their workstation, they can guide and train them, assign tasks, solve queries and monitor the task’s progress. Even more, the automated system can helps leaders in building a strong relationship with the company workforce, without having the need to meet them in person, every now and then.

However, automation should never mean that the business leaders does not have to perform anymore. In fact, their challenges becomes bigger with this new face of technology known as automation. With their subject knowledge, advanced technical skills and their expertise, leaders will have to set examples for the company workforce. 

‘Transformational Leadership’ is a newly defined term in the age of automation. It is about inspiring and motivating the workforce to achieve the common organisational goals with optimum efficiency. It demands leaders to have a clear vision and sharp communication skills, which can encourage the workforce and keep them focused to work towards achieving company goals. Being technically sound and being able to make sagacious business decisions, are among the innumerable eligibility criteria that can be set for a ‘Transformational Leader.’ 

There are multiple ways in which automation can benefit the business leaders. Let’s discuss some of them to get a better idea - what are the impacts automation can make on business leadership?

Help leaders in evolving 

Automation has enabled leaders in their evolvement. It empowers them to be competitive and makes them efficient, so that they can prove to be an important asset for their organisation. 

Aids in efficient decision making

With automation, every processes becomes short and simple. Calculations, financial report preparations and analysis and more can be taken care by the automated channel, which in turn saves much of time for business leaders to better focus on taking effective decisions for the company’s growth.

Manual tracking wasted a lot of time

Business leaders uses much of their time tracking the work’s progress and solving the queries of the company workforce. But on an automated platform, such activities are not done manually. Automation encourages free-flow of information and establishes transparency in the system. This help business leaders in keeping themselves informed about every business move. 

Building healthy relationship with the workforce

Automation integrates departments and streamlines business processes, which makes the workflow smooth and flawless. Assigning tasks to the workforce and tracking its progress, allocating time and budget against every task and more - all such activities are automated. Automation helps the employees in getting their queries solved instantly; it also brings uniformity in work that avoids overburdening of employees; timely and accurate performance reviews are done - all such activities help the business leaders in developing a healthy relationship with the company workforce. 

Automation makes every business leader well educated and informed. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that automation helps leaders in grooming themselves. This new face of technology is set to change the future of management. It can build their confidence. With automation they can be sure to meet the deadlines and can also predict the productivity level. With this efficiency achieved through automation, leaders can help their businesses grow and succeed. 

With the continuously increasing competition, the business leaders are left with no other options but to incorporate the advanced automation solution in their business system. With automation, businesses leaders will be able to have a better control on the functioning of businesses. Optimum utilisation of company resources, automated inventory and supply management, streamlined processes, robust customer care, reduced error rate, complete data security etc. are some of the many innumerable benefits that automation brings along. 

Automation sets up a highly responsive platform. Queries are instantly responded - be it internal or be it external. This helps the companies in retaining their customer and as well as in adding more and more customers to the company database. The leaders can use this huge database for their other business lines. Be it finishing the products on time or be it delivering the product to the customer’s doorstep, automation records every transaction without a mistake. 

Having digitised the business platform completely, automation ensures that the business leaders don’t have to visit in persons in every meetings. Meetings with other business leaders, tie-ups, sellers, manufacturer’s and more - all this can be done sitting right in their cubicle.  

Automation is meant to facilitate business leaders in their work, and, it is not about scotching their ability to think and act. This is a wrong notion that automation will paralyse the thought process of the business leaders. In fact, automation has proved to make the leaders efficient, organised, defined and focus in all their decisions and other related activities.

Kumar Anand, Senior content developer, Cordis Technology (opens in new tab)
Image Credit: MNBB Studio / Shutterstock

Kumar Anand is a senior content developer with Cordis Technology LLC, UAE. He aims to learn & inform his readers about the changing world of technology.