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China slams Australia's Huawei 5G ban

(Image credit: Image Credit: J.Lekavicius / Shutterstock)

Chinese telecommunications gear maker Huawei is banned from supplying Australia with 5G equipment, and the Chinese are not happy.

Australia has banned Huawei from supplying 5G gear due to national security risks, as Canberra fears China might be using companies like Huawei for espionage and meddling in politics.

China, on the other hand, dismisses these allegations and claims the move is 'politically motivated'.

Australia is not the only country to restrict Huawei – it's actually following in the footsteps of the US, which restricted both Huawei and ZTE for similar reasons.

According to Reuters, the country is saying that companies “who are likely to be subject to extrajudicial directions from a foreign government” can leave Australia's network vulnerable.

Huawei dismissed the allegations, saying it was never asked to engage in intelligence work on behalf of anyone. “Chinese law does not grant government the authority to compel telecommunications firms to install backdoors, listening devices, or engage in any behavior that might compromise the telecommunications equipment of other nations,” it added.

What's more, Huawei pointed out that it had already supplied Australia with 4G gear. 5G offers more privacy and security, compared to 4G.

“We urge the Australian government to abandon ideological prejudices and provide a fair competitive environment for Chinese companies’ operations in Australia,” foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at a daily news briefing on Thursday.

Two days ago, it was said that US tariffs on Chinese devices might have a huge impact on the US launch of Huawei's FusionHome solar-panel control device.

Image Credit: J.Lekavicius / Shutterstock