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Cisco and IBM team up for the future of cybersecurity

(Image credit: Flickr / Prayitno)

Cisco and IBM have announced a new partnership (opens in new tab) that will see both companies integrate their security services, products and threat intelligence in an effort to bolster their cybersecurity offerings. 

Both companies already have sizeable security businesses and the partnership will see them share research and services with one another.  Cisco's security suite will integrate with IBM's QRadar across networks, end points and cloud while IBM Global Services will offer support in managed security services to the company. 

The two companies will also partner when it comes to cybersecurity research and Cisco Talos teams will collaborate with IBM X-Force (opens in new tab) on intelligence matters and coordinating responses to potential cyber threats. 

The security vendors used by Cisco and IBM will likely benefit from similar partnerships and interoperability agreements as a result of the recently announced partnership between the two companies. 

According to what has been laid out in the deal so far, Cisco will help IBM build applications for its QRadar security analytics platform,  Cisco's Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Next-Generation Intrusion Protection System (NGIPS) and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Threat Grid will all be integrated with IBM's platforms, IBM's Resilient Incident Response Platform will integrate with Cisco's Threat Grid and Cisco's security offerings will integrate with IBM's Cognitive Security Operations Platform. 

Cisco and IBM are currently two of the biggest players in the field of cybersecurity and the announced partnership between the two will certainly shake up the industry as a whole.  The deal itself has the potential to benefit businesses, consumers and might even have an effect on the scope and severity of modern cyberattacks. 

Image Credit: Prayitno / Flickr 

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