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Developing a trusted security strategy for China

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Of all the markets around the world currently enjoying a period of growth, China is certainly ahead of the game. As such, many organisations across the globe are looking to develop business relations with China so as to enjoy a share of this rapid expansion. One key factor to being able to develop such relationships is the ability to manage data securely and efficiently. China Telecom Europe can partner with your business to offer ultimate security and protection using the comprehensive set of network security solutions.

For China as for any other country, data is essential to any organisation aiming to succeed in the current digital climate. Since businesses rely so heavily on data, it is paramount that this is protected from the plethora of online threats, network resilience challenges and business risks which can present themselves. Such threats can impair your business’ expansion into China by damaging your core services, undermining your brand reputation and significantly increasing the cost of trading in China. In 2016, global organisations were required to pay $4 million in breach costs, so using China Telecom Europe as your trusted partner is critical to avoiding this kind of penalty, and to succeeding in the Chinese market.

Businesses operating on a global scale face the additional issue of sharing data so widely, usually across a range of systems including on-premises and cloud networks, before being distributed to both fixed and mobile endpoints. The sheer size of this network means it is an attractive target for cybercriminals, nation states and hacktivists.

DDoS Threats

IT security managers are constantly having to safeguard against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and the threat they pose is on the increase. In the final quarter of 2016, there was 4 per cent more attacks than in the same period of 2015. On average, targets were forced to endure not just one but an overwhelming 30 attacks, the biggest of these being 517Gbps in size. DDoS attacks are not likely to disappear anytime soon; as one vector lessens, another steps in to take its place.

Unfortunately, a variety of IoT-powered botnets, for example Mirai, have emerged and further increased the urgency of DDoS mitigation. According to Akamai, attacks of 300Gbps are no longer uncommon. Time is money: since the digital climate requires us to always be ‘switched on’, the smallest amount of downtime can cost organisations millions.

Threats at a Record High

Organisations are facing many other security threats in addition to DDoS. Last year, a single security vendor blocked in excess of 81 billion unique threats, and logged a peak in new ransomware families of 752 per cent. It is overwhelming just how many threats, infection vectors and attack techniques have come onto the scene. Security teams must now constantly be on guard to cover everything from basic information-stealing Trojans to complex, multi-staged zero-day threats.

As with anywhere else in the world, businesses working in China are exposed to all of these threats, and are at risk of the same financial and reputational damage if even one of them is not successfully blocked. China has in fact been named a top 10 global target for web app attacks, with SQLi, LFI and XSS posing the most serious threats.

How China Telecom Europe can Help

China Telecom Europe has a range of managed security solutions designed to do the majority of the hard work, ensuring that security controls don’t disrupt data flows and employee productivity. The security systems will always comply with rigorous regulatory and legislative compliance requirements, so that your organisation can focus on doing business; I aim to provide maximum security whilst minimising cost and complexity.

DDoS Protection

China Telecom Europe offers two types of protection against DDoS: black hole filtering and “clean pipe”. The technique behind black hole filtering is that unwanted traffic is filtered out before it is allowed to enter a customer’s network, by dynamically routing it to an empty “black hole” IP address. For volumetric attacks, clean pipe techniques often work best; these ensure that traffic is cleared of any DDoS packets before entering a company’s network by first sending it to a China Telecom cleaning server.

Monitoring Threats

Security information and event management (SIEM) is central to China Telecom Europe’s threat-monitoring service. Threats are monitored 24/7 on this platform, which consolidates feeds from a variety of sources around the customer’s IT environment. This way, I am able to offer the most effective and comprehensive real-time monitoring and reporting possible, since I detect threats early and can handle incidents swiftly, minimising the fallout of an attack. In case of emergency, hotline support and threat advisories are available 24/7.

Secure Internet Access

As in other countries, businesses working in China can drive productivity and business agility by enabling secure remote and mobile working, which must all be done whilst maintain that all data and system are well protected. China Telecom’s mobile VPN for China is the ideal solution for this. Based on the MPLS VPN hybrid network, this works across the entirety of mainland China, offering a highly secure encrypted connection into your corporate network, regardless of where you are located. This VPN for China supports key use cases such as VoIP, videoconferencing and use of resource-hungry enterprise apps like ERP software.

The MPLS network is actually directly connected to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, guaranteeing corporate data security. China Telecom Europe also offers its VPN China customers real-time network monitoring, in addition to proactive fault handling, network management and straight-forward management via a centralised portal.

Further features of China Telecom’s managed security platform include web content filtering, AV protection, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and cloud security, among others. I have a proven track record for operations in China, and can act as a trusted global partner for organisations doing businesses in China. Working with China Telecom gives you the assurance that the security of your data is handled by experts, meaning your in-house IT division is available to focus on more strategic tasks.

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Image Credit: Andrea Danti / Shutterstock

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