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Ebook: Innovate Quickly with AWS solutions

(Image credit: / Pressmaster)

All the steps in the media value chain - from content production to distribution, and all in between, include content creators of all shapes and sizes. These content creators require media and entertainment workflows that put top-level media in the hands of consumers.

The AWS (Amazon Web Services) solutions enable customers to build faster, smarter, and more agile workflows across the entire value chain and in all types of media, including audio, video, text, and images, with multiple benefits. These benefits include reducing constraints, increasing efficiency, and creating opportunities to delight viewers and drive new revenue. 

The Innovate Quickly eBook discusses the bundles of well-architected, vetted AWS services that are serverless, entail one-click deployment, and designed around specific M&E needs.

By downloading and reading the Innovate Quickly eBook, you will find out how you can:

  • Get rid of traditional capacity and geographic limitations, 
  • Fulfill the benefits and efficiency of production workflows in VFX, editing, rendering, and asset storage, 
  • Expand or reduce storage for better integration of analytics for viewer content personalisation, 
  • Amplify broadcast, OTT and D2C and digital publishing distribution, 
  • Fully experience the value of AWS services  – you can watch real-world video case studies from companies such as National Geographic, Universal Music Group, Mikros Animation, Untold Studios, and more.