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Effective ways to promote your content on social media in 2019

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Are you aware of the latest trends related to promotion of content online? If you are, it is important to know the ways to promote your content on social media in 2019. We spend 25 per cent of our time on social media, so promoting the content in the right manner is important for its effectiveness.

Before jumping into various social media tactics, plan a content calendar that includes social media updates. This will ensue that the content created is promoted in an ideal manner. If you are keen to promote your content on the social channels, here are 11 effective ways to do so:

Use visuals

Tweets and Facebook posts with images usually get more engagement. Images also get better engagement on LinkedIn. Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are social platforms that are completely based on images. So, it’s time that you alter your posts by adding more images to them. Ideally, you should create individual images for all the important points in the content, especially if you are posting the content repeatedly on social media channels.

Headlines work

You may be writing amazing content, but are the titles good enough to grab people’s attention? If your headlines or titles are not helping much, you can either create engaging titles to make your posts more attractive on social media or create new titles specifically for the content you plan to share on social platforms.

You should create more than one headline for a piece of content because you would be posting it many times. Having multiple headlines at your disposal will also give you the freedom to perform A/B testing to find out if the headlines have the quality to promote your content on a particular social media channel. BuzzSumo can be a handy tool to assist you while researching for the most effective titles for a particular piece of content according to a specific social platform.

Customise according to the social platform

Each social network has its own customisable posting features, so use them when you plan to post your content. You should customise headlines, images and a short description of the content you would be posting so that you can grab your targeted audience’s attention. The effectiveness of your social media promotion also depends on how optimised your post is for a particular social platform.

Customising content helps in enticing the audience or readers to check out your content. Similarly, adding hashtags to your content will help people in finding your content in the social channels that support them.

Post or share content at the right time

All of us know that this tip is pure common sense, but not every content marketing professional follows it earnestly. Apart from trying to reach maximum audience though your social media content, you should know where your target audience exists and when they are usually online or active. Having a planned posting schedule will help you ensure that you post at the exact time of a day as planned earlier.

Peak times for all the social media channels are not same; however, you can take the help of some features of social media platforms like Facebook Insights to have a better understanding. You can also use third party tools like FollowerWonk to assess the ideal posting times for few social platforms.

Posting multiple times helps

There are many studies that suggest that posting the same social media posts many times can be very effective. When you use multiple headlines and images, there are chances that your audience won’t even realise that you the reposting the same content that was promoted before. You followers may not get the chance to go through all your posts in a day. So, posting them many times may ensure that your audience gets to see your post at least once in a day.

Don’t forget to ask questions

Apart from dropping links, you should encourage various social media users to engage with your content by asking questions. This will help your audience to communicate with you and provide you with the much needed feedback.

Social media marketing can boost your engagement when you are just looking for a response by including a query within the content of your posts.  Readers will definitely respond if your questions are relevant or related to your posts. Questions can grab attention of readers easily and they can help in building a strong connection between you and your audience. This will ultimately result in effective and successful social media promotion.

Share content on the right platform

Emergence of new social media sites may make it hard for you to keep up with the pace. However, signing up and having accounts on all social sites can help you to be innovative or creative. It is also important to know which social platform works best for you and your business. So, being familiar with all the platforms that your target audience uses is vital for the effectiveness of your content.

Don’t dump content on all networks randomly. Focus on the main social media channels where you can connect and engage with most of our target audience. Once you are successful in engaging with your chosen audience, you can think about targeting more people in the relatively new platforms.

Pay to play

You should know that you can easily promote your social media content among micro-targeted audience in various social media platforms. Paid Social is common these days, and you just have to pay some money to ensure that your social media content is promoted and is visible in the news feeds of your target audience.

Boost your brand advocates

Start an employee advocacy program if you company doesn’t have one. Your employees can share your content socially, which will help in promoting your content. Ask them to share your posts with their connections regularly to get the best results. Your employees are your best brand advocates, so social media sharing through them will boost your brand’s reputation and credibility.

The bottom line

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your content; so, using it to its fullest potential will help you have an edge over your competition. You can try out all or a few ways mentioned above to promote your social media content. You would be able to generate significant traffic for your valuable content in quick time.

John Tie, Digital Marketer and content strategist, VirtualEmployee (opens in new tab)
Image Credit: Geralt / Pixabay

John Tie is a Digital Marketer and content strategist with Virtual Employee, an outsourcing company.