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Freedom to print

The nature of modern day life can mean that the majority of us tend to be very busy people. For many of us, the day is consumed by work, and when we’re at home we always seem to have somewhere to go, someone to see or a never-ending list of life admin tasks. Whether it’s a lightbulb that needs changing, a shelf that needs fixing or a bedroom that needs cleaning – new jobs constantly seem to appear at the most inopportune times.

Amongst these laborious tasks, that our lives often seem to be consumed by is replacing an ink cartridge in a printer. It may not be a task that we consider to be at the top of our to-do lists but it is the perfect example of a seemingly laborious task that often ends up falling down the life admin list. Yet, it’s at the exact moment when you need to urgently print a document – perhaps you’re preparing for a holiday or going to see a show – that you remember the cartridge still hasn’t been changed.

We’ve all been there. The classic feelings of frustration, regret and exasperation are usually quickly followed by a Google search of what time the local supplier shuts and the debate of whether you will make it there in time for a new ink cartridge. And, while some people might love that rush, that feeling of exhilaration that comes from a last-minute fix, the majority of us would rather not have to deal with the problem in the first place.

No matter what our daily lives consist of, many of us will use a printer for at least one aspect of it. Whether this is for printing your CV, a report for work, child admin tasks, university assignments or tickets for an event, sometimes a printer is necessary in fulfilling some of the most important tasks that our lives revolve around. 

It is therefore often the case that we are somewhat reliant on printing. And, the painful reminder usually comes to us in the form of a flashing light on the printer, mocking our deficiencies as an adult whilst indicating that the inkwell is well and truly dry. Surely, in a world of exponential technological development, there must be a simpler way?

A short-term relationship 

The problem many people face with ink cartridges is that they often feel like short-term relationships - flings almost - with no lasting prospects and the underlying knowledge that any long-term thinking will likely end up in disappointment. 

But, those of you ready to commit will be happy to hear that the days of being faced with a race to the shops in a frantic rush to print off the last page of your report, are finally over. That’s right, there is an alternative way to build a more long-term relationship with ink and wave goodbye to the chaos of last-minute purchases.

It might surprise you to hear that there are already refillable printers out there that provide up to three years’ worth of ink. So, you can finally move on and establish a relationship that will actually last.

What’s more, the emotional benefits that come with long-term ink security are not to be underestimated by anyone. 

The ultimate end of printer panic

According to recent Epson research, over half (56%) of European parents have faced a ‘printer panic’ moment as a result of their home printer running out of ink. The vast majority (87%) of people have previously been unable to print because of a low, or no ink situation at home, while 20% find the process of buying new ink cartridges inconvenient.

Half of all printer panic moments have resulted in difficult situations such as children being unable to print homework, issues printing flight tickets and parents being unable to print documents for a client meeting.

Finally, 46% of parents said they have been left high and dry in the past due to their children using up the ink without them knowing, highlighting the issues that can emerge when cartridges have to be regularly re-filled. 

It is clear that opting for a refillable ink tank printer can give everyone a new-found freedom when it comes to their printing needs and it can also end up saving them a significant amount of money in the long run.

The price is right

It is often the case that many of us perceive ink to be an expensive and inconvenient commodity. However, printers that can hold enough ink for up to three years’ worth of printing offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to this common issue.

For example, with certain ink tank printers, you can save an average of 74% on your printing costs – which, when put into perspective is a significant amount of money. This will make your new relationship with printing an extremely fruitful one, as well as removing the emotional drama that accompanies emergency ink cartridge replacements that so many of us continue to put up with.

Rather than having to buy a new set of cartridges when your current ones run out, you can remove such interruptions and spend the same amount on refill bottles which hold the equivalent of 94 cartridges worth of ink. Not only does this make the printing process cheaper, but it gets rid of the element of stress and inconvenience so commonly associated with it.

Clearly, ink tank technology is making the whole experience of home and business printing, easier, cheaper and more like a stable long-term relationship for us all. Having used printers for so many years that require the constant purchasing and changing of cartridges, this technology reveals something that could truly benefit our daily lives. 

Long-term, refillable ink bottles promise a brighter future for printing and with up to three years’ worth of ink by our sides, those fleeting ink cartridge dalliances of the past can be replaced by a long-term, stress-free experience. And most importantly, ink issues will never again take away our freedom to print.

Claire Robinson, Head of Business Sales at Epson

Image Credit: FabrikaSimf / Shutterstock

Claire Robinson
Claire Robinson is head of business sales for Epson in the UK and is responsible for driving sales growth. She is tasked with implementing intelligent business and end user solutions.