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Google launches Advanced Protection program to boost your security

(Image credit: Image Credit: Antb / Shutterstock)

Google has announced its new Advanced Protection program that will protect individual users at risk from emerging threats.

The opt-in program will offer a number of specific security protections aimed at safeguarding users deemed to be susceptible of attacks.

Advanced Protection includes defence against phishing schemes through the use of security keys.  Either a small USB or wireless device will be required to sign into your Google account after joining the Advanced Protection program.  If an attempt is made to sign in without one, the company will block it and this is also the case if someone has managed to steal your login credentials. 

Advanced Protection will also limit the apps that can access your Google data. Oftentimes users grant permissions to malicious apps accidentally which could result in attackers gaining access to your data.  Now Google will only share your data with known, trusted applications. 

The company has even taken measures to prevent fraudulent account access by adding additional steps to the account recovery process.  However, since a security key will be required to access your Google account you will likely be locked out far less and not have to go through the new lengthy additional reviews and requests for more details to regain access to your account. 

Google explained how its Advanced Protection program could be beneficial in a number of industries in a blog post, saying: 

“Journalists, human rights defenders, environment campaigners and civil society activists working on any number of sensitive issues can quickly find themselves targeted by well-resourced and highly capable adversaries. For those whose work may cause their profile to become more visible, setting this up could be seen as an essential preventative step.”   

Image Credit: Antb / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal.