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How much does a web designer cost?

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Just like soil needs manure to optimise its value and big machinery needs lubricating oil for its proper functioning. A business also needs a well-defined and updated website.

And therefore, now having a website has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Sure, there are many CMS platforms like Wordpress that will design it quickly and easily, but if you hire a web designer you will get a professional site that is more than just an attractive page.

Some benefits of hiring the best website design company are:

  • Professional website with unique design: CMS platforms use templates which are basic and are used thousands of times. But if you hire a website designer, you will get a site that has a unique and customised design.
  • According to business- A company that provides web design services will make sure that the final product represents the business, and delivers its core message.
  • SEO- A web designer designs the website in such a way that it is SEO and search-engine friendly.
  • Fast Website- If you hire a website designer, he/she would ensure that the right tools and plug-ins are used to make the site load faster.
  • Optimised for mobile- Probably the most important job for a web design services provider is to ensure that the site will work on mobiles. Since half the population uses smartphones for checking out the website, this is crucial.

So, these are the benefits you get when you hire a professional web designer, but whom to hire? A web designer agency or a website design company or a freelance designer? Here is the answer:

1) Web designing company

A web designing company is large and covers all the services that a website may require. Since, the company has experts in coding, designing, and other departments, the quality can be assured.

2) Web designing agencies

They are smaller in size and number, and thus may provide a single service or outsource. Since they deal with many designers by outsourcing the project; it can bring variety to the website.

3) Freelancers

If you want a good site at an affordable price, freelancers are great. Just make sure that the individual has all the know-how of making a professional site. Be clear on things like payment, how the website will look etc.

So, when you hire a web designer, you have these options. Now, how to choose depends on the factors like cost, size of the project and company and timeline, choose the designer that suits your needs.

How much does it cost to hire a website designer?

The cost of hiring a website designer depends on these factors:

1) Scope of the project

How big your project is a crucial factor that influences the cost when you hire a web designer. A website development is more than a homepage and some other pages. It involves call-to-action buttons, social buttons, and many more things. Also, if you want some specific things like logo making and placing, sliders etc. the cost will increase.

For this purpose, giving a creative brief is a good practice; it tells the designer everything from the target customer to themes and colour scheme etc.

2) Location

When you hire a website designer or a web designing company, you have to factor in the cost of maintaining a lifestyle in that location. Even hiring a freelancer means making a quote that fits the cost of their location. Also, in the case of freelancers, time-zone is also a factor that may increase the budget for your website design project.

3) Platform and complexity

The platform that the designer uses for their coding and designing also influence the cost. Similarly, the complexity of the design to influence the cost, if the site has a simple design the cost will be less, but if the design is complex like for a gaming site, the price will rise too.

What are the different costs for different features?

When you hire a website designer, you need to evaluate your company and the project need. If you are the small business and want a simple website, the cost of the whole project will be $1000. Similarly, let's find out what features you get for different prices:

Under $1000

If you have a small-mid business, and it is offline, but you need an online presence for marketing you can get a simple website with 5-5 pages.  A web designing company will hook you up with a website that has a home page and about us page and 2-3 other necessary pages under $1000.

Under $1500

If you want more features like:

  • CMS
  • Social media buttons and the integration of social media pages like Facebook into the site
  • Integration with Google so that your site is listed in the search engine or,
  • If you want to track the number of visitors to the site, you will have to pay up to $1500.

Under $3000

If you have an e-commerce website, the budget needs to be $3000 as you will need features like delivery tracking. Live chat and order management features.

Over $10000

This is for large business and big companies that use databases to store consumer information to serve them better.

So, the price of hiring a web designer or company depends on the factors like design, location and how many advanced features you want. A simple site can be made in $250, but with advanced features, the price may go above $1300.

Wrapping up, I will say that we saw the benefits we can yield if we hire a website designer.  The cost of the website designing depends on many factors and before hiring the best web designing company, you need to be sure of what, why and how you want the site to look.

Still, web design services work better to improve the revenue of the business because people trust a website that shows professionalism, are easy to use and are informative. Thus, a web designer is your best bet to take your business to the pinnacle of success.

Ravikant Chouhan, content writer, Endive Software
Image Credit: Kaspri / Shutterstock

Ravikant Chouhan is a content writer at Endive Software.