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How to make a live streaming event great

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To most organisations this should sound like a question with an obvious answer - a good live streaming event usually means clear audio, a decent picture and a tolerable amount of buffering. But the real question should be “Do decision-makers in Global 2000 companies know how truly impactful their live streaming events can be with the right technology?”   

So, what makes a live performance impactful? 

There is no typical enterprise video environment but, provided all the right tools are in place, in terms of performance with a live broadcast any organisation should expect the following:   

  • 30,000 total live viewers 
  • 2 supported languages 
  • 25+ remote locations 
  • 50,000 post-event views 
  • 1,000 attendees per location 
  • 200 audience questions 
  • 70% conversion rate 
  • 0 lag time or buffering 
  • 5 countries streamed from 

Scale is manageable 

A live broadcast to 30,000+ viewers with no lag time may seem like a stretch but it really is not. With a well-designed enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) that scales with your live video event needs, achieving this level of reach can be a weekly or even daily occurrence. Performance issues with video are not only inconvenient, they also cause a guaranteed steady decline in live attendance numbers. But with the right system in place and no lag time or outages, attendance of your live video events will actually grow.  And if your enterprise video platform can integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft ecosystem, employees can discover, share and discuss live video events right in their day-to-day collaboration systems. 

Success of a live event lives on

As enterprise video technology continues to improve, so do the numbers for post-event (on demand) viewing. Within the Global 2000, more than 50,000 post-event views for one archived video event is becoming not only achievable but expected. And here’s the best part: high attendance numbers for a live event increase on-demand video views! A positive live experience drives word-of-mouth views across the organisation, plus many of the highly engaged live viewers will return to the archived asset for one or more on-demand views. This is how organisations achieve an overall Comprehension Rate on live events of close to 70%. It’s all about engagement. 

Everyone is included – and engaged 

A good enterprise video platform doesn’t leave anyone out. The right enterprise video platform can support dozens (if not hundreds) of locations across multiple countries and different time zones. Plus, mobile viewing is becoming the norm these days with remote workers increasingly attending live events via their smart phone or tablet while at home or on the road. Inclusion creates engagement, and engagement in turn leads to live feedback. When was the last time your live event generated over 200 live audience questions?  While you may not be able to respond to that kind of question volume during the event itself, questions create interaction—as well as a great reason to follow up with your audience immediately after the event.   

Striving for event greatness - Aberdeen Asset Management case study  

Take the case of Aberdeen Asset Management, one of Europe’s largest public, pure-play investment management group, operating in 38 offices and investment centres in 25 countries.   

With ongoing tightening legislation around customer and employee gifting, financial institutions are finding new and inventive ways to execute marketing initiatives. And for innovative companies like Aberdeen Asset Management, live video is becoming an increasingly effective way of delivering value. 

Sponsors of the men’s and ladies’ Scottish Opens as well as numerous high-profile golf professionals, Aberdeen Asset Management took a creative spin on their sponsorship and recently hosted a Live Golf Masterclass with 8-time European Order of Merit winner, Colin ‘Monty’ Montgomerie OBE. 

Presented by BBC Golf Correspondent Iain Carter, the session was broadcast live via a cloud enterprise platform from the highly exclusive Wisley Golf Club in Surrey. Undeterred by the windy conditions Monty was able to share his extensive expertise on driving, chipping and putting, not to mention the importance of having “soft hands at address”, with Aberdeen Asset Management’s clients and employees streamed to over 16 locations worldwide with as many as 400 live viewers. 

As a financial company, Aberdeen Asset Management is increasingly having to utilise some of the assets it acquires through sponsorships in different ways. To be able to offer a live golf experience to its clients and staff without them having to move away from their desk or mobile device is just one of the ways Aberdeen Asset Management is trying to do that. 

“Our webcasting platform has allowed us to broadcast events around the world which gives us tremendous exposure in key markets but it is the ability to tailor the added extras that gives us value with our clients and involves all our staff,” says Robin Spring, Senior Sponsorship & Communications Executive, Aberdeen Asset Management. 

According to Aberdeen Asset Management marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. And according to HubSpot, 80% of customers remember a video they watched in the last month. Video is both visual and auditory, which makes it easier for users to remember than strictly text-based content. 


Every year companies make massive investments in live events like trade shows, customer summits and speaking panels. And due to cost and logistical reasons, only a fraction of employees and customers can experience these events, while even less can directly participate. So, what is your organisation’s vision of live event success? It may be time to change your strategy as to how you can implement a system capable of reaching multiple remote locations, countries and thousands of attendees, supporting more than one language, achieving 0 lag time or buffering – and much more. 

With this in mind, a good cloud-hosted enterprise video system featuring easy-to-use video capture, editing and delivery tools can turn your company into the level of innovator companies striving for live streaming event greatness like Aberdeen Asset Management has become.     

Paul Herdman, Vice President, EMEA at Qumu 

Image Credit: 350543 / Pixabay

Paul Herdman
Paul Herdman has been Vice President of Qumu EMEA since he joined in 2015. He brings 20 years of experience in senior sales positions, primarily within the software industry.