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How to rise to the top of mobile app development industry

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Every mobile app development company understands that the app development world is highly competitive. So, any new mobile app development company will try so hard to succeed. If you are a new app developer or you are trying to start a new mobile app development company, here are some important tips to help you raise a successful mobile app development company or to survive the competition.

Think about experience

Businesses are never willing to consider a new mobile app development company or a new developer, so your first task is to work around your inexperience otherwise, you won’t get any patronage. If you are an individual, it is highly advisable for you to work in a notable mobile development company for a few years to gather experience before pulling out

You may think it is quite difficult to get a job in a mobile app development company. It is only difficult if you raise your pay. If you accept to take for a remuneration that is way lower than what you intend to contribute, you will get an offer easily. What you really need is the experience and not the pay. After a couple of years, you can pull out and stand on your own.

You could also set up a company with highly experienced developers. That way, your company may be new, your colleagues will be experienced. The third option for you is to offer charges that are slightly lower than the average cost of a mobile app. Since a lot of customers consider cost in their choice of service providers, lower charges may attract some clients.

Another option is to adopt payment-after-service policy. Your customers will only pay if they like your job. With this policy, several customers may be willing to give you a chance even with your inexperience.

Do you know that the best and the most effective means of advertisement is positive commendation from happy and satisfied customers? This means that you may only need to convince a customer to patronise you once. If he enjoys your services, he will come back on his own and also refer other people to you.

So, you should make your job as impressive as possible. Some qualities that can help you attract more customers have been outlined below.

Impressive turnaround

Since you are entering a new industry, you have to work extra hard to surpass old players to be able to pull some of their customers. A very good way is to offer an impressive turnaround time. That means you should check around to know how long it takes your competitors to complete an app. Then strive towards offering a better turnaround time.

Most customers will usually get quotes and terms of service from several developers before settling for one. Your impressive turnaround time may put you ahead of many other developers.

Include SEO services

There are millions of apps available now and more are still being launched. So, search engine optimisation has become necessary for new mobile apps. Today, you have not really launched an app until you back it up with search engine optimisation.

So some companies prefer to hire a web developer that has some search engine optimisation knowledge. This implies that you will stand a better chance of being hired if you have search engine optimisation skills. The catch is to work towards versatility.

The quality of your app matters too. You should think of great user experience. Some qualities that make fantastic user experience have been discussed right below.

Keep the app simple

The simpler your app is the more it will attract users. So, you should always work towards simplicity of use and navigation. Simplicity really matters. Nobody will take a lecture on how to use an app. Instead, users will look for another app that serves the same purpose.

If you want to give a great user experience, your app should be so intuitive that even a kid can navigate his way through with little or no assistance.

Less is more

Smartphone users now make judicious use of their mobile data and storage space. So, they now consider the size of any app before downloading and installing it. If your app is too big, it may turn off users. Large apps consume a lot of mobile data when being downloaded and they also consume a lot of storage space. So, it is important to make your app as small as it can be.

Fast loading

People are generally impatient, so they want apps that are not only responsive, but also load very fast. This is why you should make sure your apps load very fast. An ideal app takes less than 10 seconds to load. It is okay if your app takes about 11to 20 seconds to load. But any app that takes more than 20 seconds to load is unacceptable.

You may need to watch the size of videos and pictures in your app because these are the things that slow down the loading of an app.

Fewer ads

When an app is fraught with too many ads, it turns customers off. So you should ensure that only a few ads appear on your app. Too many apps will jeopardise user experience while using your app.

While using an app, a user may have a reason to call the company that owns the app. Instead of having to exit the app to type the number on his dialler, he should be able to tap on the phone number on the app to initiate the call. It is easier and more convenient that way.

Integrate social media into your apps

In conclusion, once you apply some of the tips above, your rise to the top of app development industry will be rapid.

There is so much obsession with social media right now and businesses are now taking advantage of it to close in on their customers. This will enable users to sign in with just their social media account instead of having to sign in with username and password. Signing in with social media account is shorter and easier than typing out memorised password.

The second advantage of social media integration is ease of sharing. When social media are integrated into a mobile app, it will be easy for users to share received posts on social media.

Kenneth Evans, Content Marketing Strategist
Image Credit: Pixel Fantasy / Flickr

Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for top app development companies. As a Content marketer, He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.