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How to submit a guest article to ITProPortal

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Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to ITProPortal.

An important part of our mission is to facilitate conversation around key topics in IT and related industries. Therefore, we highly value the contributions made by our guest authors and community members: it helps inform discussion and educate our readers (not to mention the team) about the main issues affecting the industry today.

Your expertise helps make ITProPortal the site it is.

This article will help define what does and doesn’t make a suitable article for ITProPortal, and will outline the must-have, and make the process easier for everyone involved.

Which topics are suitable for ITProPortal?

Ideally, we’re looking for articles which align with our audience of IT professionals and other business department heads whose roles are informed or affected by IT in some way. The main topics we cover are:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Cloud and digital transformation
  • Business communications
  • Data and coding
  • Marketing
  • Productivity (software and workplace)
  • Human resources and business operations

General, topical IT-related subjects are also welcome.

Which topics are not suitable?

  • Financial advice
  • Cryptocurrencies (but Blockchain is fine)
  • Gaming / gambling

Instructions for submitting an article

Articles should be submitted via a Google Form (link below); we cannot accept articles via email. 

We use this method because there are elements that need to be included along with an article and this is the most efficient way to ensure these are included:

  • An author bio, which demonstrates the writer’s level of expertise. This is vital for SEO, as Google puts a lot of weight into a writer’s authority, known as E-A-T: Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness (opens in new tab). A bio should include a photo, and social links such as LinkedIn and Twitter. It should not be used to advertise a company; any bios that do so will be rejected.
  • Supporting URLs which link to an author’s website or sources to claims made in the article, such as studies or news stories. Important note: all links are formatted as ‘no-follow ‘, so that Google’s bots will ignore when indexing the article. The reason for this is that we cannot verify that all links are to high-quality sites; linking to poor quality ones can damage SEO.
  • A teaser and synopsis – these short text intros are used in Google search results to advertise the content of an article. A good synopsis will increase the chance of someone clicking on your article.

You can also optimize your article for search engines by including:

  • Descriptive subheadings - these help the reader navigate your article and help Google understand its content. Try to use a subheading every few paragraphs.
  • Keywords - you can make your article more discoverable by including your main keyword (or topic) in the headline, in the first paragraph, and in the subheadings.
  • Write short paragraphs - it's harder to read on a screen than on page, so help the reader by keeping paragraph size manageable.

You can submit your article as text, or upload a document (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt accepted).

Do I need to include images with my article?

No. Images will be added by our editorial team and we’ll do our best to illustrate your article with relevant images and captions. 

If you wish to include specific images, then you can include links to them in the submission form. Note that we can only publish images that your company owns or that come under fair use (opens in new tab), such as logos.

When can I expect my article to be published?

We will usually publish articles within 28 days, although it may be longer depending if there's a backlog or at busy times. We typically publish one guest article per day and you can check an article's status on this doc (opens in new tab).

Will I be notified when my article is published?

Yes, once an article is published we will send the link to the email recorded at the time of submission.

Reasons why we might reject an article

We will endeavour to publish every article that's submitted to us. However, there are times when we will reject an article. Here's why:

  • The article has been previously published on another site. Duplicate content will hurt a site’s SEO, so we cannot publish it
  • Not on-topic (see above)
  • Missing elements such as a suitably-detailed author bio
  • General quality of writing, or doesn’t bring anything new to the discussion

Data privacy

We will retain the submitter’s email for a short time in case we need to contact them after publication. After that period, contact details are deleted from our records permanently.

Submit an article

If you’ve read and agreed with all the above then you’re now ready to submit an article. Thank you for taking time to read through and we look forward to seeing your article on the site soon!

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Drop us a line if you have any questions about the above. Please note that - regretfully - due to the current volume of requests, we cannot discuss article ideas via email and we can only accept completed content through this system.

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Nick Jones is a Content Director with over 20 years of experience writing about consumer and B2B technology and software, in both a content and marketing capacity. He has worked with myriad publications in that time and with many leading financial, technology, medical, and entertainment providers, including Cisco, Pfizer, and Virgin Media.