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Important updates you need to know to rule the game of SEO

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As the final half of 2019 starts, it is important for business owners to start going through the different SEO updates which they need to be incorporating into their business websites. It is crucial that you understand what the methods are by which you can dominate the SERPS and get more organic traffic in this crucial time of the year. There are some specific SEO strategies and special tactics that would work in helping you gain more revenue in these final few months. In this short article, you will be learning about some such essential SEO updates which can help in boosting your business.

Know who your audience is and what their intent is: You will need to find if your audience likes to have textual, photo, video or audio content. This will be an essential aspect of your search engine optimisation in the last quarter of 2019. You would be required to understand what your users are expecting to see when they are querying in a word and a phrase. You would have to provide them with the answer in a simple and easy manner.

The interests and tastes of the audience are likely to change very quickly, and it needs to be looked after with care. Although your content can be perfectly written or even organised but in front of the wrong audience, it will not be of any help. Thus for improving your SEO, you would have to depend a lot on the user's intent of their keywords which they target, and you need to consider that as you create your content. Search engines have shifted their focus to the user's intent, and you should too.

You should remember that when you do your keyword researches, you must also check SERPs of similar websites and see if they all have a similar ranking for a particular keyword phrase. If you do not find your site having a similar ranking, then you must move to a new phrase. Your content needs to comprehensively answer the questions which your users are asking for in the search options. It would also be good if you could anticipate some follow up questions and provide their answers also.

Thinking beyond Google

Thinking beyond Google: As it happens that still a vast majority of business owners are mostly focused on Google when they optimise their business websites. You will have to remember that in the latter half of 2019, search engine optimisation would not be primarily about optimising your website for Google only but you must take into account other search engines too. You will have to learn how you can boost your organic traffic by increasing the engagement for your content. Your prime focus ought to be not on getting just the number 1 ranks in the search engine results pages but to improve your website's visibility, and your content needs to get featured more often on various platforms.

Continue creating high-quality content: The algorithm updates of Google in 2019 had revealed that Google had intensified its main focus on the evaluation of the quality of content and the depth of content which a website provides. Research has shown that websites that are providing good depth in their content have soared through the rankings in the last six months. Compared to this, those websites which have a lower content depth have gone on to suffer.

You will have to update your overall content strategy for boosting your SEO now. Your content cannot be focused on simply answering queries and getting more users on your page. You will also have to use the correct language in order to engage more users and then guide them towards the next action that is, becoming a potential lead and ultimately making a purchase. The numbers of pages that are able to do this properly have not increased yet, and you will have to take advantage of this situation. IT will be worthwhile to use more content maps or experience maps in your SEO strategy in order to do this.

Optimise for different experiences


Focus on SEO updates to improve your business website by following the information mentioned in this article.

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