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Increase the ROI 10x faster with these personalised app marketing strategies

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Personalised app marketing strategies offer mobile owners an opportunity to reach right customers at the right moment.

Targeting the right audience and reaching them at the right time is key. It is crucial in improving app usage and therefore the ROI on the app. So you need to choose the right mobile app strategies to boost your ROI. There are actually some marketing strategies that can help you increase your ROI tenfold.

Below are eight personalised app marketing strategies to help you increase the ROI 10x faster.

1.Research your target audience

The success of your app lies in addressing the pain points of your audience. But how are you going to do that if you do not understand your audience? You need to conduct thorough research and determine who your audience is, how they are going to benefit from your app, and how you can easily reach them.

Understanding their demographics, spending habits, psychographics and recreation habits is equally important in selecting the right mobile app marketing plan. It will also help you create an app that your users will fall in love with If you market your app to a specific market, you are bound to increase your ROI faster than marketing your app to just anyone. You can learn the behaviour of your target market by following influential blogs, websites, groups and taking part in discussions on major forums.

2.Do a competitive analysis

Identifying and evaluating what your competitors are doing will help you avoid mistakes and set you on the path of success by doing what is right. Check on what your peers are doing to successfully reach and endear themselves to their target audience. The mistakes they have don. And the best practices they observe to make sure they increase their ROI.

While learning from your competitors is crucial for your success, stay away from copying what they do. Duplicating your competitor's actions will only portray you as a weak brand before your customers. Just strive to improve on their strengths while staying original and you will be good to go!

3.Start app marketing pre-launch

Once your app concept and design are complete, you should be having an idea of who your target market is and immediately begin your mobile app marketing campaign. Marketing your app pre-launch will create anticipation and increase the chances of having a high ROI.

You can start by notifying your users on social media and releasing video development diaries. Later on, as you near completion, you can build excitement by using teasers like short videos and trailers. Apple's App Store offers its users a pre-order option for 105 apps so that the app gets downloaded immediately it is launched. Going by this, early marketing campaigns for your app increases chances for more downloads and therefore increased ROI once you launch the app.

4.Create a high converting landing page

Creating a selling landing page for your app can increase the ROI of your app faster. Make your mobile app landing page informative, creative and interesting for your readers. A good landing should have the following elements:

  • App name
  • Essential App features
  • Interesting promo video trailer
  • Call to action

5.Start a blog

A blog provides a chance to inform your app users about your mobile app. Always provide as much information as possible about your app through your blog. Keeping your users updated about your mobile app development process makes them to feel included in the process. You should use the best SEC practices for the content you share on your blog. Provide quality content, use the right keywords, videos, and add links to influencers in your niche. This will improve your search engines rankings and increase the visibility of your app on app store.

6.Optimise your app for app store

App store optimisation is very crucial in increasing the ROI for your app. This process involves optimising your app to rank top on app store for more users to see it and easily find the app when they search on app store.

User visibility for your mobile app on 105 and Google app store is affected by the factors below.

Title: Should be a short catchy and easy to read title.

Description: Make it simple yet appealing to the users. It should also highlight why the app is useful to customers. Ensure you use keywords in your description.

Screenshot: It should highlight the features of your app and its benefits.

Icon: Use an appealing icon that represents the unique design of your app.

App quality: Your app should be small to be easily downloadable. Equally, it should be tested and have bugs fixed, and updated regularly to accommodate user needs.

7.Use social media to reach your audience

Social networks provide an avenue for your app to go viral fast. You can make use of social media targeted advertising to reach your potential customers.

Tools like Facebook ads enable you to reach the exact audience you want to target for your app. The result of this is high conversion and therefore a fast increase in ROI for your app. When your users share your app, other users on their friend list get to see your app and thereby increasing visibility. Also, effective social media of hashtags can help your app to go viral.

8.Focus on specific KPIs

Your main goal in personalised app marketing is to increase your ROI. But how will you know whether you are moving towards the right direction in achieving your main goal? Key performance indicators will give you an idea of how well your app is performing. However, not all KPIs will be beneficial to your marketing campaign. So be use to select the useful performance indicators and focus on those.

Time and again you should closely monitor your KPIs to see the actions of your users to understand their feelings.

Important KPIs you might consider include.

  • App store rankings
  • Organic and loyal user acquisition
  • Daily downloads
  • Daily active users
  • Daily sessions per daily active user Retention rate
  • Cost per action

Also, check what your customers are saying and make adjustments as per the user's feedback. The performance of other mobile app marketing strategies is equally important. You should channel more resources to the mobile app marketing plan that is bringing in more users for your mobile app.


Getting news of your application out there is the first thing to enable your potential customers to download and make use of it These personalised app marketing strategies should help you reach a great customer base and increase the ROI of your app 10x faster.

Mercy Livingstone, marketing manager, Dot Com Infoway (opens in new tab)
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Mercy is a writer and marketing manager working at Dot Com Infoway.